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The comedy "Woe from Wit" denied much influence onall Russian literature and in it took far not the last place. In this work there is a confrontation between the two heroes - Famusov and Chatsky. This is not just a disjunction between two characters, but a duel between two views of the world, and, one might say, two epochs - "the present age and the century past." Chatsky is a truthful man of broad views. A brief description of Famusov gives a person who depends on public opinion, who is considered established order and rejects everything that goes beyond the rules and traditions established in society and even his own understanding. He is afraid that his reputation and his family's reputation may be shaken, he even fears the possible gossip about him and what is happening in his house. A more detailed description of Famusov will be considered below.

characteristic of Famusov
His surname is a derivative of the Latin word"Fama", in translation - rumor or rumor. So, the action of "Woe from Wit" begins with the moment when Chatsky comes to the house of the Famusov family, to his beloved Sophia, daughter of Famusov, whom he has not seen for three years. She, to his extreme and unpleasant surprise, is cold to him. It turns out that her lover is Molchalin, her father's secretary. This is even more striking to Chatsky, for he despises this man deeply for his desire to curry favor with all, lowliness and veneration.

The share of Famusov fell on a hard day. First, his daughter fools his daughter with his fans. Then Chatsky irritates him with his speeches, incomprehensible to him; after all, he

a brief description of Famusov
there is a suspicion that his guest has gone mad.After that, he tries with all his might to persuade his daughter that she should not be involved with the "insane Voltairean". After Chatsky, with his progressive views, is completely incomprehensible to Famusov, a rather limited man. Therefore, he expresses his dissatisfaction with them. All day long he can not understand the intrigues of the youth. First he tries to find out who exactly likes his daughter. Then he warns her against Chatsky - freethinker and "Voltairean".

Characterization of Famusov given by Griboyedov,indicates a man of the highest degree of conservatism, afraid of any changes and public opinion that perceives all the "strange", incomprehensible to his limited consciousness, as immoral and dangerous. He is frightened by the habit of Chatsky to have his own opinion, to reach everything with his own mind, without being guided by the concepts of others.

attitude to the service of Famusov
Therefore, he shows his "Voltairean" hisrejection. In addition, the characterization of Famusov as an uneducated man who despises "learning and teaching, the cause of insane opinions", a cruel serf and a close manager in a public place clearly does not do him any credit. He degrades the dignity of his servants, often threatens one of her "reference to the settlement." The attitude towards the service of Famusov is purely bureaucratic. For him the main thing is the ranks, profitable ties and money.

The characteristic of Famusov is a directthe opposite of the qualities of Chatsky. In this example, the author accurately and with humor reveals the conflict of generations, as well as the conflict of society and individuals who do not share certain concepts of this society. In general, the characteristic of Famusov and Chatsky is the opposition of the people of the "century of the past" and "the present century".

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