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Girls' teenage groups are increasingly winningpopularity and are in the lead in the charts. Four years ago, no one even could not imagine that the group "Open Kids" will gain popularity. Biography of participants (creative) began in the children's studio Open Art Studio. The purpose of this company was to identify talents among adolescents. Later the girls outgrew the format of the participants of the children's studio, then their fate was taken up by producer Yuri Petrov. He was the head of Open Art Studio.

Facts about the group

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Initially, no one suspected that the vocal-dancing project "Open Kids" would be so popular. The girls planned to perform at small events and produce clips in The Internet.However, from the first clip Show Girls users found out about "Open Kids". The girls' biography has changed dramatically from this point on. They began to work hard and already today they travel around Russia and Ukraine with solo tours.
Like many teenage groups, the "Open Kids"there were difficulties. In 2015, one of the members - Vika Wernik left the team. There are two versions of why this happened. One by one, the girl is going to start a solo career, and on the second, she left the group because of the decision to pay more attention to education.

The composition of the group

Angelina, Lera, Julia and Anna Bobrovskayamet in the studio Open Art Studio, where they were trained together with famous teachers. The girls' dream is one for all - so that the whole world will know about "Open Kids". The biography of all the girls is very similar. From the very childhood they were fond of singing and dancing. Their idols are world-sized stars.

Angelina since childhood dreamed of becoming a singer, Lera -artist, Julia loves to dance most of all, and Anya Bobrovskaya saw herself as an actress. Angelina was the lesser student in the studio. She was noticed right after she visited the class for the first time in 2012. Together, girls are a cohesive team.

Anna Muzafarova

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This girl was in the group after passingcasting, arranged after the departure of Vicky from the "Outdoor Kids". Her biography up to this point had several victories and failures. In the Ukrainian project "Voice. Children "she successfully debuted in the Potap team, while on casting in a similar Russian show to her no one turned. Later, Anna took the 14th place in the qualifying stage of the contest "Junior Eurovision".

She easily overcame the casting in "Open Kids".The participants (the biography of the girl and the whole collective from that moment has changed significantly) warmly took her to her team. Anna Muzafarova perfectly joined the group and became one of the brightest of her soloists. Now the collective is going to tour the cities of Russia with its program. Today, girls have millions of YouTube video clips and hundreds of thousands of fans in Russia and Ukraine.

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