How to draw a comic strip: a step-by-step description

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Stories about superheroes, westerns, biblicalmotives, even historical narratives can be made interesting, the main thing is to add pictures. Comics are the same magazines, only well illustrated.

What is a comic?

Comics are connected sheets of paper or ready-made books, albums in which you can see the story. Text in them is very small. In general, the actions take place in pictures.

By the length of history there are different, from the story to half a page, to the whole story in the drawings.

how to draw comics
The main distinguishing feature of all comicsis a mix of narration with pictures. And, unlike books where illustrations only occasionally supplement the text, the main thing in it is the drawing, and the minimum amount of the text explains the details of the story.

How to draw a comics for beginners? You need to read the tips and get to work.

Each strip of graphically-narrative genre must begin and end with a single thought.

Usually the first page serves as an introduction, in which the author conveys common main ideas. The reader should understand at what time the event takes place, where and who is the main character of all this action.

In addition, a large shot should finish all the comics. In it, the creator of the masterpiece will talk about what happened in the end, or in the epilogue, and also tell what awaits the hero next.

Reading comics

Each creator of this genre has its own style, its certain heroes, the manner of drawing and stories.

In order to know how to draw a comic,it is important not only to be able to draw people, but also to read works of other people. Narratives of world-famous authors can inspire, push on the idea of ​​the plot.


how to draw a comic strip pencil

Comics come in completely different genres.But the greatest success to date, stories about superheroes from the company DC or Marvel. Fans of these comic book publishers often quarrel among themselves, criticizing the stories and the manner of drawing. However, it is these two "monsters" in the graphics industry that belong to such heroes as Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, X-Men, and so on. Such genres came to the world from the United States, where they came up with how to draw comics in stages.

In the Land of the Rising Sun, there is a special and very large anime culture. It is called "manga". The text in such comics goes from bottom to top and from right to left.

Every year in Tokyo, there are several million different mini-stories that are created by people who proficient in pencil and know how to draw an anime comic.

Classic pattern includes fourstripes of illustrations. It can be either color or black and white. Simple comics can be painted by even novice artists, but this does not mean that the plot or pictures in the cartoon will be primitive. Sometimes with them it is necessary to spend even more work, taking care of shadows and shades.

A very important target category of those who will beread this comic book. Children do not come up with complex stories, built according to a scheme invented by the author. They also will not be able to figure out where the hero thinks where he is talking. In children's comics, thoughts often fly out of your head, and a cloud of speech stretches out of your mouth.

Handmade Materials, or How to draw a comic book in pencil

how to draw comics in pencil in stages

In order to draw simple comics onseveral pages, you need to take different kinds of ordinary pencil. One of the gray flowers should subtly lead the line, the other is fatter, and the third one should be thick.

Be sure to put in front of youseveral erasers to correct the work. In order to eventually create stories with a pen in a few seconds, you need to learn in detail how to draw a comic book in pencil.

It is necessary to take several sheets of paper foranime and a few more in reserve. In addition, the desktop should be a sharpener and ruler. The table should be well lit. It should not have extra items that will interfere with the location of the artist's hands.

A more professional author who knows,how to draw a comic, there are special markers, pencils, markers, helium pens or mascara. After some time, the creator of this genre can understand that it's time for him to move on and transfer his art to a virtual version. Comics that are painted with the help of special graphic tablets are considered more high-quality and modern.

The first stage of how to draw a comic strip

The main and most important stage of the creation of the cartoon -idea of ​​the plot, in which there can be complex moves. However, many authors are limited to begin with the simplest history. Consider how to draw comics in pencil in stages.

how to draw comics for beginners

First of all, you need to come up with a short story,an anecdote or a fable. Text should be minimum. Dialogues of heroes should be circled in the form of a cloud or a square. To make it clearer how to draw comics in pencil, it is recommended to pre-record all the twists and turns of the story and select the most important ones from them. The beginning creator of this genre must write the entire story on paper. If there are conversations, then they also need to be phased out step by step.

Each piece of text should be divided into squares, inwhich then will be drawn corresponding images. It is best that the action begins and ends. One should smoothly pass into another, thus completing a certain thought of the author.

After the story is detailed and thought out, it's time to draw.

Second step

Now about how to draw a comic story.The ability to portray people or animals is an absolute plus in any anime. But you can do without it. In the graphic genre, as in any other art, the imagination is limited only by the person himself.

how to draw comics in stages
You can figure out how to draw comic characters and create a narrative with them. Inventing a completely new and author's style, in the end you can get an army of fans.

When the front of the artist is a sheet of paper,he must visually divide it into several parts. This step will allow you to plan how to draw comics in pencil step by step. In these empty squares, there will be fragments of history one by one.

A person does not have the ability to accurately copy the same pattern, so it's not surprising that the character will be slightly modified.

Large frames in the comics mean the durationthe actions drawn in them, and the small ones are considered secondary, and serve to support the main idea. In a large frame, there can be one or two or three events.

Small frames do not need a background, while large frames should be detailed. The reader will want to see not only the protagonist, but also the very place of the events that are taking place.

Drawing the hero

Drawing a hero is not so easy. But this task is quite feasible, even for a bad artist. It's all about practice. Everyone can learn how to draw.

The author will have to reproduce many times on paperone and the same person / beast /, a fictional creation. In order to facilitate the work, there are a few simple tips how to draw comic characters:

  • Do not create too many details in the drawing, they will be very difficult to repeat;

  • Do not try to copy the same poses and facial expressions as in the previous image;

  • Do not strive for excellence, because comics should bring pleasure from the creation and ease of work;

  • do not try to keep everything in the work at once.

The main character is better represented in the center. It should also be turned closer to the turn, if any.

Step Three

The basic rules for drawing a comic are:

  • how to draw comic characters

    The narration in the classical genre starts from the upper left corner, smoothly passes into the upper right corner, and then descends, where it all starts all over again.

  • Some authors with a pencil and ruler schematically divide the sheet into squares - either the same or asymmetric. They depict all the steps.

  • During the process, you need to ensure that the story is preserved.

  • In the drawn squares you can initially note what will happen in each of them.


Comic book heroes do not pronounce long speeches. Their conversations should be direct, without complex sentences or epithets.

how to draw comic characters

The picture is more important than the story. If the author can not reconcile with this, he needs to write a book, and not draw.

Each word, flying out of the mouth of the hero, you need to circle the box. It is usually narrow and small, but the letters in it are visible. Dialogues are written in hard-coded letters.

Reflections of the heroes are usually circled with a round bubble.

When they dream something, their thoughts in the comic are depicted by a cloud.

Noises are transmitted by exclamation, interrogative and other punctuation marks, collected together.

The hero's cry can be enclosed in a circle with sharp spikes along the rim.

A little information about what and where is happeningduring the drawn sketch, the prehistory or your own conclusions can be taken out of the squares of the comics. They can go between them, from above or from below.

And the dialogues, which heroes exchange, in classical genres are painted on top of their heads.

During painting, the clouds must be left white or at best yellow, so that they are qualitatively allocated and do not merge with the pattern.

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