The series "Breathe with me": a plot, characters, actors. "Breathe with me" is the best melodramatic story

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With the release in 2009 of the melodramatic series"Breathe with me" many fans and after so many years are interested in what actors are like in life. "Breathe with me" is one of the bright projects of the domestic television, which won the audience's love.

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Standard set

By the recognition of the audience, this picture absorbed itselfthe best genre components. The plot is built around several people who will become the protagonists. Igor changes Lana with the young Karina, and when Lana is fond of the photographer Peter, Karina, as it turns out, also builds his plans for him ...

This series is characterized by rapid developmentplot. Unpredictable lines immediately won thousands of spectator hearts, as well as performers of leading roles - actors. "Breathe with me" is truly a successful project that can be proud of.

The success of the series was so great that the creatorsdecided to continue. The second part, which turned out to be no less spectacular, gathered the original cast. Of course, all his fans were happy about this.

breathe with me actors and roles

"Breathe with me": actors and roles

It's hard to single out one of the key charactersseparately. Each of the four heroes takes its place in the story. Lana, who learned about the betrayal of her husband, plays Natalia Antonova. Behind her shoulders are dozens of diverse images, although it is best, according to the actress herself, to succeed in the deceived, but strong inside woman, what her Lana turned out to be. Before the series Antonova was not so widely known to the viewer. Today she is rightly considered one of the most popular contemporary actresses. Special popularity came to Natalia with the release of the series "Breathe with me."

The actors of the project fell in love with many spectators. Vitaly Egorov is no exception. He is familiar to many on the theater, in which he played in a variety of performances, and after the scenic experience he moved to the screens. In the series, he plays the role of Igor, who was fascinated by a student Karina. If the spouse did not become a witness to their novel personally, perhaps he could continue to drive her by the nose ...

Actors: "Breathe with me" as a fount of talents

Beloved Lana, the young photographer Peter,Anton Makarsky played, and Natalia Rudova, the girl of windy behavior Karina. These stars do not need to be represented. Makarsky from childhood knew who he would become in the future, because almost all of his male relatives were actors. Anton is more famous for his dramatic images, although he also manages to play the role of brave charismatic men. Natalia Rudova became popular after the release of the series "Tatyana's Day". Since then, she managed to star in several well-known Russian projects, including the tapes "Check for Love" and "Terms of Contract."

Secondary images and the long-awaited sequel

A separate mention deserve the other actors. "Breathe with me" for some of them has become a new launching pad. And although someone already knew the viewer, it was this picture that showed them from the other side. Those, for example, are Arthur Vakha and Natalia Tkachenko, who played the beloved Vadim and Tamara, who will have to pass a test of strength. Alena Bikkulova played the role of the younger sister of the main character. Alena herself is known not only as an actress, but also as an opera singer.

breathe with me actors

The key composition of the characters and actors performingthe main role, was moved to the continuation, which was welcome. The audience could not let go of the story of a difficult relationship in which each of the characters wanted a piece of their happiness. Especially for fans, the writers came up with new storylines, where the heroes again had to compete for the right to be loved.

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