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Iron Man is a superhero embodied inthe depths of the publishing company Marvel Comics. Together with this brutal character, Batman, Spider-Man, Hulk and other "legends" of Western comics were born there. American writer Stan Lee invented the Iron Man in 1939. A special project for the hero appeared in 1968 and instantly made him a star of painted stories.

how to draw an iron man
Forty years later, the Iron Man appeared onmovie screens in the science fiction action movie of John Favreau. In the rating IGN "100 best comic book heroes" this character takes the twelfth place. He devoted music compositions and computer games. Get the image of a superhero today, like half a century ago, is the dream of many boys. Let's look at how to draw an Iron Man. The photo of the character will help to understand the details of his costume, consisting of many unique elements.

First sketch

We have two difficult tasks to solve: to depict the human body and reliably convey the features of his outfit, as each part of the hero's costume serves a specific purpose. In how to draw an Iron Man in a characteristic movement, there is a little secret. First we will sketch his "skeleton" so that in the image of body parts there was symmetry, and in the pose - the maximum naturalness.

how to draw an iron man in stages
To do this, we draw the contour of the body in the formvertical oval, in it at the top we will inscribe an oval smaller - the contour of the shoulders. On the upper boundary of the ovals, we represent a circle - this is a sketch of the head. On the lower part of the shoulder oval, draw a circle (joint), down from it draw a line to the elbow joint (just below the oval for the trunk). Then, down a slight slope, draw a line to the ground, which ends with a rectangle, which then turns into a fist of the Iron Man. The right hand of the hero is brought up, so above his head we will mark a short line symmetrical to the left hand and draw on it a circle of the elbow joint, continue the forearm at an angle of approximately 60 degrees, then draw the contour of the brush. Since we draw a Iron Man in a certain position, we need to carefully work on the sketch of his feet. Down from the torso, we mark two circles, from which we draw down lines at a certain angle. The person squats on the left knee, so in the image of the left leg from the circle marking the knee joint, we will take a small line to the left at an angle of 45 degrees, finish it with a sketch of the ankle joint and the foot. On the right leg the character leans, accordingly draw the lines of the base: with a slight inclination from the torso - the thigh line, then - the foot contour from the knee to the foot at an angle of approximately 50 degrees.
how to draw an iron man photo

How to draw an Iron Man in vestments

Now we need to depict as accurately as possibleform the body, fill the picture with a volume. We turn the head circle into a hexagon, the parts of the hand will resemble elongated rectangles with distinct borders. The same is done with the legs of the character. In how to draw an Iron Man in a suit, there will be no particular problems if you have a sample before your eyes.

how to draw an iron man photo

We made the sketch of the base with light pencil motions, now we erase the contours of the base with an eraser. Confident strokes denote the person, the details of clothing.

Finish drawing

We saw how to draw an Iron Man in stages.

how to draw an iron man
In conclusion, we color the superhero with coloredpencils, felt-tip pens or watercolors. Dark-burgundy and golden (or light yellow) colors give the character a reliable appearance. To emphasize how the metal casts in the rays of light, we will make glare with the help of bright spots on the details of the costume.

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