Visit to the "School of Monsters", or How to draw "Monster High"

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"Monster School", or "Monster High" - prettya popular cartoon among girls of junior and middle school age. The question of how to draw "Monster High" -Gerone, interests many fanatics of the cartoon. After all, you can depict your favorite characters on paper, and then share with your friends your successes in this matter. In this article we will tell you how to draw "Monster High" on the example of the popular and beloved by many heroines - Frankie Stein.

how to draw a monster hi

First, you need to remember how thisstudent of the School of Monsters. Frankie has long hair with white and black locks, her "skinton" (skin color) is a shade of green mint. Frankie's right eye is green, and the left eye is blue. The whole body of this female monster is disfigured by the seams, and on the neck there are also two bolts. Well, now to the point!

How to draw step by step "Monster High"

In principle, this is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance. You only need maximum attention and a little patience. Well, have you begun?

Step 1

Start with a circle image. This will be the basis for Frankie's head. Then add lines for the face, neck and body of the heroine, as shown in the picture.

how to draw a monster with a pencil

Step 2

Now go to the designation of the shape of the face of FrankieMatte. It is in this student "Monster High" is pretty specific, so repeat all that is shown in the picture in this article. Keep clearly draws a Woman, start drawing her hair, and then - the eyes, nose and neck. In fact, how to draw a "Monster High", will help you figure below.

 how to draw a staged monster hi

Step 3

Now you need to draw your hair. Notice that they lie on the girl's back, so it's time to mark the lines of hands. Apply also the lines of the upper body and paint the eyes, lips, nose and bolts in Frankie's neck.

how to draw a monster with a pencil

Step 4

Now it's time for details. Draw black strands, add a hairpin, and also start drawing the clothes of this heroine "Monster High". To complete the hand drawing, mark Frankie's fingers, which should be on her waist, as shown in the picture.

how to draw monster hi pencil franki matte

Step 5

Draw the bottom of the dress by Frankie Stein. The skirt should be in a fold, do not forget about the belt. And now start drawing the line of legs. Do not forget to apply seams, which on Frankie's body are many.

how to draw frankie matte from monster high pencil

Step 6

So, you almost all learned how to draw "Monster High". It remains only to finish the legs of Frankie and shoe cartoon. See how it should look on paper.

how to draw a monster with a pencil step-by-step (franki matte)

Step 7

Remove all unnecessary lines, but be careful not toerase what you need! That's how your drawing should look like. Now you can color it as you wish, or leave it in black and white.

how to draw frankie matte from monster hi in stages with pencil

The result

So, you know how to draw "Monster High"with a pencil. However, this is not the limit, because there are so many worthy heroines that can be depicted on paper! Try to draw Draculaur, Cleo, Gulia, or Blue Lagoon - the pattern will be roughly the same. The whole difference is in the details. As you can see, there is nothing difficult in drawing, if we do everything in stages. Good luck in your work!

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