How to draw shopkins: strawberry, biscuits and berry

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Shopkins are a series of toys for children and, inmostly, of course for girls. How to draw the Shopkins? Step by step, in pencil, it's quite simple, because these characters are found on the shelves of grocery stores. This is vegetables, fruits, and other delicacies. Figures with them are becoming more popular.

Strawberry Kiss: Drawing Together

Naughty strawberry has become one of the popularcharacters. How to draw this category of Shopkins? It is necessary to apply the contour of the strawberry. It should be done with a soft pencil, since some of the lines are removed later:

  • On the top of the berries is a leaf and flowers, forming a cap. They are applied immediately above the top line of the contour of the berry.
  • Strawberry handles are a kind of leaves, that is, they have an oval shape.
  • Sometimes this character is depicted with a pen pressed to his lips, which simulates an air kiss. Probably, from this the name arose.
  • The final stage is the eyes, nose and lips of the berry. The latter should be plump and slightly puffed up.
  • And at the very end is to draw a drop - a kind of strawberry grains.

How to draw the shopkins so that it looks like? Add colors.

how to draw a shopkins

Naughty cookies

The drawing of this character also does not require speciallabor. Also, first of all, the outline of the hero is drawn. How to draw the Shopkins of this plan? The outline must be uneven. This is an assorted circle, so you'll have to try:

  • He also has small handles on the sides that look like drops.
  • Note that the face of the cookie is at the bottom. Here are a smiling mouth and eyes that are shut.
  • On the top of the hero there are small circles - pores of cookies. They are also worth mentioning.
  • The last stage, which helps to solve the problem of how to draw the Shopkins, is the coloring of the hero.

how to draw the shopkins in stages with a pencil

Apple in bloom

A character with this style is also in the collection of toys. It is a ripe apple, which is edged with flowers. However, there is a resident on it.

  • First of all, the oval is depicted - the body of the hero.
  • It is conditionally divided into four parts, with, with mixing.
  • Then there are two drops - these are the pens. They are located on each side, pressed against the oval.
  • The third drop is located in the upper part of the trunk, on the right. It's a worm that lives on the head of an apple.

how to draw a shopkins

  • At the very top of the flowers are located. Rather, it is one flower with petals, like a daisy. Around it are leaves.
  • Now let's stop on the character's face. These are wide-open eyes, representing circles, a nose, in the form of a squiggle, and a mouth with a smile.
  • You can also complete the image with shoes on the legs. Legs also represent two ovals.
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