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More recently, our screens have appearedTurkish actress Demet Ozdemir. Biography and personal life of the actress interests fans in the first place. It is known that Demet was born in the family as the third child after the brother of Volkan and Derya's sister. The family lived in the north-west of Turkey in a small town of Kocaeli. The conjugal idyll of Demet's parents did not last long. But, as they say: "Everything that is done - for the better!"

New life

Demet Odzemir biography and personal life

In 2000, my parents divorced in a mutualconsent, and the mother of Demet moved with her children to Istanbul. This gave a new twist to the development of the beginning actress, as she began to study at the dance studio in addition to the regular school, which revealed her creative potential.

Popular singer Mustafa Sandala suggestedto star in a musical video Ateş Et Ve Unut is Demet Ozdemir! The biography and personal life of the artist became more intense. Feeling a taste of fame and feeling the need to "take pictures" for the screen, after graduation, the girl entered the theater named Shahiki Tekand.

To be continued

demet ozemir movies

Soon a charming bright girl withA dazzling smile was noticed by business managers and began to regularly invite her to shoot in commercials. Subjects of advertising were various: cosmetics, products, tourist trips.

The dance group Efes Kizlari, whichperformed at sports matches, became the main place of work for Demet Ozdemir. Films, because of which the actress was at the height of glory, came to her later. The development of the creative career of the girl coincided with the prosperity of the Turkish series.

This is a romantic story, where as alwaysintertwined sincere love, secret intrigues of detractors and intricate triangles. Based on the creative biography of the actress, Demet starred in four TV series and five films.

Debuted girl in the series "I'll tell yousecret "in 2013. After the publication of this film, the Turkish fans had an irresistible interest in Demet Ozdemir. Biography and personal life is not hidden by the actress.

The plot of the movie

The picture "I'll tell you a secret" isa fantastic style, which is unusual for Turkish films. This story is about how a woman lost her daughter. To search for her mother turns to psychics.

This is a young man who knows how to become invisible ina certain moment, and the girl Aylin, who by virtue of her abilities has power over electricity. She was played by Demet Ozdemir. Despite the fact that this series did not bring the girl fame, she continued to move on. So, Demet showed herself on the set of the popular series "Aroma of Strawberry".

demet ozemir movies

In this project, all young actors are involved. Demet inherited the role of the naive heroine of Asla, who at a young age has to work to help her mother. Soon the girl gets acquainted with a wealthy guy named Burak.

Between them there is mutual attraction andsympathy threatens to degenerate into something more. However, there is an obstacle between lovers: young people belong to different social strata and not everyone is happy about their love relations.

How will the events in the film develop and what will happen?come out as a result? We will dwell on this intriguing note, giving the viewer the opportunity to enjoy the history of this couple! The historical drama of director Hilal Saral "Kurt Seit and Alexandra" immediately interested Demet Ozdemir.

Biography and personal life of the girl enricheda turn of events that occur in the film, affecting the beginning of the 20th century in Russia. The picture is based on such values ​​as courage, honor, devotion to the Motherland and, of course, love. The film was shot together with Russian and Turkish movie heroes. Demet won the role of Alina Sokolova, which she managed to fully disclose.

A little bit about personal

Demet Odzemir and Yusuf Chim

Famous series "The smell of strawberries", shot in 2015year, contributed to the fact that Demet Ozdemir and Yusuf Chim met. Relations between young people developed rapidly, and a few months later the press reported on the planned wedding.

However, this was premature news, sincesoon it became known that the guy was carried away by another partner. Demet Ozdemir and Yusuf Chim broke up, but the actress did not long grieve. Soon she removed from social networks all photos with Yusuf Chim and began to sympathize with an actor named Furqan Palala.

With this young man she met tooon the set. This time it was the comedy "Number 309". Out of filming, lovers spent their time at the most famous parties! True, their romance did not last long either.

In 2017 in the press there were photos of the actresswith a new boyfriend. Fans wondered - is Demet Ozdemir and her husband? It turned out that the well-known football player Oguzkhan Ozyazyk wins the role of the beloved. The actress enjoys a personal life, but there is no talk of marriage yet.

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