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Honored artist of Belarus, head of the department of pop art at the University of Culture of Belarus, the world-famous singer is Irina Dorofeeva.

Dorofeeva Irina Arkadevna was born in the cityMogilev on July 6, 1977. At the age of 12 she became a soloist of the musical group "Rainbow" under the guidance of N. Bordunova, who later became her mentor.

Creative way

In 1989, at the contest of young performersfirst place. After participating in the competition "Molodechno" in 1994 Irina Arkadevna noticed Vasily Rainchik and invited him to work as a soloist in the ensemble "Verasy". From 1997 to 1999, Irina Dorofeeva was a soloist of the State Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus. With a new team she performed at many events, among them "Slavonic Bazaar", performance at a concert in honor of the 850th anniversary of Moscow, concerts in honor of the city's day in Minsk.

The project, created by Leonid Pronchak "WorkshopBelarusian song ", added her repertoire with jazz compositions. In 1998, together with the team of Arkady Eskin, Irina Dorofeeva performed at the International Jazz Festival.

Since 1996 the producer of the singer was Yuri Savosh, heI wrote many songs for her. Irina Arkadyevna is a laureate of five competitions, this is the Golden Hit in 1998, Discovery-99, Vilnius-99, Vitebsk-99 and the Ivasyuk Ukrainian Song Festival.

Charity with ease

Irina Dorofeeva - one of the most famousBelarusian performers, and gives many concerts outside his own country. In 2001 and 2002, Irina Dorofeeva's Song Theater gave 435 concerts throughout the republic. Almost half of all speeches were charitable. Concerts took place in all cities, towns, villages, where there were concert halls, nearly 1.5 million people visited its concerts.

Irina Dorofeeva

From the beginning of 2004 the singer holds annualtours "Under the peaceful sky", as part of the action, several concerts a day for residents and workers of villages. 2004 and 2005 Irina Dorofeeva conducted on tour as a soloist of the Presidential Orchestra of Belarus. In 2006, the singer gave a tour tour with the band DALI. In 2007, Irina Arkadievna embodied her creative idea "Christmas in the circle of friends."

Photo by Irina Dorofeyeva

Reach out to the star

From large concert programs can be distinguishedperformance in the concert hall "Minsk" in 1999. In honor of the 10th anniversary of her creative and concert activity Irina Dorofeeva performed at the Palace of the Republic in 2003. The concert was attended by the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus, the ballet "Eos", the state dance ensemble, the dance group Svetlana Gutkovskaya, the Camerata band, musicians Nikolai Neronsky and Arkady Eskin. Photos of Irina Dorofeeva hung on posters all over the country. Later the video version of the concert "Kahanachka" was released.

The next large-scale concert IrinaDorofeeva gave in 2007. "Irina Dorofeyeva's Kupala: Elemental Festival" was held at Mir Castle. The concert was attended by about 400 musicians, dancers and artists who recreated the atmosphere of the Slavic holiday. The concert was attended by 120 thousand spectators, including the President of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko.

Biography of Irina Dorofeeva

Plans for later

Irina Dorofeeva's biography also included television projects. She was the host of the programs "Planet of Entertainment", "Big Breakfast", the TV magazine "Soyuz".

Now Irina Arkadievna is performing with a musicalteam "Force-minor". In recent years, they have performed in Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Armenia and Poland. Irina Dorofeeva and her creative team gave more than three hundred speeches throughout the country. The new concert program included songs written by such celebrities as Tanic, Pakhmutova, Dobronravov, Muraviev, Melnik, Breitburg, Kavalerian, Yoksimovic.

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