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In the view of the majority of Russians, especiallyif they have never been to Italy, the women of this country are passionate, adorable and sexy. In creating this image, the main achievement belongs to Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida and other beauties of the world cinema, born in the Iberian Peninsula. Among them is Monica Bellucci. Without makeup and "Photoshop" she looks no worse than many young actresses and is a recognized sex symbol and role model for women all over the world.

Monica Bellucci without makeup

Model career

The future star of Italian cinema was born ina small town Città di Castello. The girl was not only a beauty, but also a clever girl, so she dreamed of becoming a lawyer since childhood. Training in the chosen university - at the University of Perugia - was worth a lot, so Monica decided to help her parents and independently podnakopit money. For this sixteen-year-old, she went to the modeling business. Monica Bellucci (height 171 cm) started working in "Liceo Classico", and soon she was invited to the photo sessions of the most famous Italian publications. The girl was turned by a whirlwind of social life, and she forgot about her career in jurisprudence, giving preference to the beauty industry. In the first years of work, the model of Monica Bellucci without make-up was as charming as when her best-known experts of the time conjured her way. This circumstance was noticed by photographers Elle and Dolce & Gabbana, who after moving to New York often took pictures of her "as is".

This did not prevent, and maybe even helped the actress with a sonorous name Monica Bellucci in 2004 to lead the list of the most beautiful women of the world according to the version of Ask "s mens.

Monica Bellucci

The beginning of film career

In 1990, Monica Bellucci played severalepisodic roles in the paintings of Italian filmmakers. However, they were not seen, and the girl had already stopped hoping to become an actress when she was invited by Francis Ford Coppola. The role of the bride of Dracula was the first serious work of Monica Bellucci. After her proposals for shooting in the paintings of different levels began to come from many film studios in the US and Europe. Only in the period from 1992 to 1995 she starred in the films "Heroes", "Stubborn Fate", "Snowball" and "Joseph".

Meeting with Vincent Cassel

Especially successful for the actress was the 1996th year,when Monica Bellucci was nominated for the "Cesar" award for her work in the film "Apartment". The film became fatal for her, as the actress became acquainted with actor Vincent Kassel. Subsequently, they were married, and they had two daughters (the marriage broke up in 2013). The next film with the participation of Monica Bellucci - "Doberman" - was also marked by a partnership with Kassel. In it, the actress played a deaf and gypsy woman and she was given bright and aggressive makeup.

movies with Monica Bellucci in the lead role

Further career

In the late 90's, the actress was showered with proposals fromfilmmakers. Most of them needed just to get into the frame of a bright beauty, one presence of which already provided the film to the attention of the audience. After all, millions of people around the world liked Monica Bellucci. Without make-up or with a bright makeup, she fascinated not only men, but also women, forcing them to follow what is happening on the screen, regardless of the plot and direction.

In 1997, the actress starred in 3 scenes: "Bad Tone", "Stress" and "What Do You Want Me", and later in the films "Desire", "About Those Who Love", "There Will not Be Holiday", "Compromise" .

Talking about movies with Monica Bellucci in the title role, we can not fail to mention the picture of "Malena". She received exceptionally positive reviews of critics and laudatory reviews from the audience.

Monica Bellucci without makeup and photoshop

In the new millennium

In 2001, Monica again appeared on the screentogether with her husband. In the movie The Brotherhood of the Wolf, the actress played the role of Sylvia, and then appeared before the admirers of her talent as an Egyptian queen in the next part of the adventures of Asterix and Obelix, the comedy The Mission of Cleopatra.

In a completely different genre, she was asked to work as director of the painting "Irreversible" by Gaspar Noe. The film was shown in the framework of the Cannes festival and caused a shock because of the long scene of rape.

The following films with Monica Bellucci in the title role - "Tears of the Sun" and "Passion of the Christ." In the last film, directed by Mel Gibson, the actress created the image of Mary Magdalene.

In the following years, the actress starred in films"Secret agents", "Brothers Grimm", "She hates me", "The Brotherhood of Stone", "Shaitan", "H (I and Napoleon)", "Second Breath" and "Shoot them", and also "Love: Instruction on application ", in which she was a partner of Robert de Niro.

As for the latest works of Monica Bellucci, in 2015, the actress, who had already turned 51 at the time, became the new girlfriend of James Bond in the 24th film "Bondiana".

In the advertising business

Monica Bellucci without makeup has repeatedly starredfor various editions. Her elegant skin even today needs little to apply a thick layer of makeup, and 5-6 years ago she just shone. This could not but attract the attention of major brands that produce funds to maintain women's youth and beauty.

In October 2011, Monica Bellucci became the face of the cosmetic series "Royal Velvet" by Oriflame, and in 2012 - the Dolce & Gabbana line.

Monica Bellucci growth

How Monica Bellucci really looks today

It's no secret that modern technologymakeup and "Photoshop" create real miracles and act no worse than a scalpel of a plastic surgeon. However, in the fashion of naturalness, so some stars, who age to face, do not hesitate to remove without makeup.

Among them is Monica Bellucci. She leads a healthy lifestyle, although, like any Italian, does not mind eating a tasty meal, of course, observing the measure. Among its secrets of youth, the first place is taken by drinking a lot of clean drinking water, as well as moderation in everything.

The result, as they say, is evident, and at the moment the actress continues to be considered one of the most beautiful cinemas in European cinema, which any filmmaker dreams of getting into her picture.

Now you know what films were shotMonica Bellucci and how she actually looks at her 52nd birthday. The actress is a living confirmation of the fact that age is just a figure in the passport, which still does not say anything!

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