How to draw a cat in stages with a pencil. How to draw a cat for children?

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Probably, any child of preschool and youngerschool age sooner or later begins to ask parents to buy him a pet. What they do not promise and what methods they do not use!

how to draw a cat in stages with a pencil
And solemnly swear to bring from school onlygood estimations, and with pleading in the eyes assure that they will always wipe the dishes, lay them on the table and take out the garbage, and without any reminders to sit down for lessons ... Then in the course there are questions like: "But Sasha's parents bought a dog, and why we did not can we? "- and promises to walk the puppy, clean up after him, train and pamper every possible way. If mum and dad are still firmly on their own, the case is blackmailed: "If you do not allow me to buy talking parrots, then I'll leave to live with my grandmother, she will let me!" And so on ad infinitum.


A child with tears watches shows about domesticpets, drags all the homeless cats into the yard, greets the happy owners of thoroughbred dogs in the street with a greedy glance ... Do not scold him for it. The kid wants to have a series of loyal, faithful friend, besides, so he will learn self-discipline and get used to be responsible for the one who has tamed. Do not make him take offense at you, constantly repeating the categorical "no" in response to all his requests. Better try sharing his passion with him. If he wants a kitty, let him tell you which, how he will call her, where she will live, how they will play ...

how to draw a cat's face
Ask the child to show you how todraw a cat's face. Promise the kid that if he is obedient, before the New Year you will write together a letter to Santa Claus and, perhaps, the dream will come true, and you will have a new tenant. Until then it did not happen, buy him interesting books about how to take care of a fluffy pet, coloring, where it is shown how to draw a cat for children.

We make a mask

Let him be carried away by this, learn about what joysand difficulties are encountered on the way of the owners of moustached, striped animals. Tell him how to draw a cat mask. To do this, take a rectangular piece of dense colored paper, estimate the necessary dimensions so that the child's face is closed, and the mask does not stick too much. Bend the paper in half along the line of the nose, then again at eye level.

how to draw a cat mask
Draw two ovals (eyes) and carefully cut outthem from the inside, making eye sockets more than the eyes of the baby. On their line, at the level of the nose and on the forehead, near the middle of the eyebrows, make incisions, as if darts. They will allow to give the mask volume. Just put a few incisions on your forehead one on one and glue. Now the darts on the temples were dispersed in different directions. There you need to paste pieces of paper. The layout is ready!

You just need to trim the excess, rounding off the mask andgiving it the shape of a cat's face, and then gluing the ears. Draw the antennae, glue to the inside of the rope or rubber and play with the baby in the Cat in boots, for example. He will be distracted, cheerful, and at the same time, perhaps, you will get used to the idea that having a cat in the house is not bad at all!

We create

You can show the child how to draw a catstep by step pencil. And better deal with this together - then he will understand that his mother is on his side. After reading our article, you are just sorted out how to draw a cat.

how to draw a cat for beginners
For beginners, there are many different options. Let's start with a nice cartoon kitten named Gav. For sure, this is one of the most favorite children's characters. The child will be carried away and, perhaps, for a while will stop asking you for a real four-fingered friend.

Kitten Gav

So, how to draw a cat in stages? Pencil, perhaps, will be best. And mistakes in the case of which you can correct, and paint then hand the baby, let it help you in your work.

How to draw a cat in stages?

Pencil you need to draw a circle in the center of the sheet -the future head of a kitten. Then on each side attach to it two small triangles - ears. Each triangle-ear is divided in half. From the circle down, draw a gracefully curved line - the back. At a short distance from her, draw another line, also slightly curved - the breast. Almost at the very bottom of the line of the back, draw a tail - long, protruding upward, slightly bent at the tip.

how to draw a cat's eyes
How to draw cat's eyes so that they look likeon the eyes of the cartoon character? First, we draw two isosceles triangles with smoothed corners inside the circle-head. Then inside each of them, slightly receding from the base, we represent an arc, crossing the eye from edge to edge. Then, on the left side of the triangle-eye, we draw a semicircle a little higher than the arc. And in it - a point. The pupil itself should be painted green, the semicircle will be black, and the point should remain white, this will give playful liveliness to the look.

Then between the eyes, but just below drawa small triangle with a point upwards - a spout. And underneath it again a triangle, but already with the pointing-down - half-open mouth. Attach the barbel sticking out in both directions and go to the paws. Our kitten sits half-face, therefore only three legs will be visible - both front and one back. Front - in the form of slightly expanding upward columns.

The back foot should be drawn in the form of an arc, onethe end fitting almost to the back. Then decorate the pads, fingers with claws, wipe the rubber band with unnecessary lines. Strongly pressing on a pencil, circle your body, eyes, tail, mustache, paws, ears. Funny kitten is ready!

Drawing a purr

Now let's talk about how to drawblack cat. Let it be an ordinary domestic smooth-haired purr. Let's start with the head. Approximately in the middle of the sheet draw a flat horizontal line - this is the future forehead of the cat.

how to draw a cat for children
From its middle down, draw anotherPerpendicular line, which ends with an arc bent upwards. Let these lines indicate the approximate size and location of the muzzle. From the ends of the horizontal line on both sides make two arcs convex parts outward. They should end about the same place as the vertical line. We will mark a place for the peephole, nose, and cat's mouth.

To do this, visually divide the vertical lineinto three parts and "cross out" it with two horizontal strips. The upper one should be flat, and the edges of the bottom slightly curl upward. With one slightly curved line going from the head down, mark the cat's breast. Then, on the other side of the head, draw another curved line, but longer than the previous one - this will be the back. From the end of it, draw a horizontal line towards the breast - the future cat's tail. Let its tip slightly bend upwards.

Pencil from your head two sticking out in thedifferent sides of the "antenna" - this will be the ears. Arc from the center of the trunk to the tail mark the hind foot. Mark short lines with eyes, nose, cheeks. Then mark the front foot, let it connect to the breast, and the ground almost touches the tail. Make sticks-ears in spiky triangles. Give the tail "volume" - draw next to the first tail line the second and connect them, rounding the place of unification.

how to draw a black cat
The tail is as if superimposed on the hind foot, andits tip with pads and claws is not visible. But the front foot is visible completely - draw your fingers, give the paw the necessary bend. Then make out a muzzle - make almond-shaped eyes with round pupils and a spout resembling a heart in shape. From it in both directions, draw a plump cheek. With a light herringbone, decorate the wool on the tail, on the cheeks, at the base of the paws. Dorisuyte tip of the second front paws - it seems to look out from behind the first so that only the fingers are visible.

Drawing a drawing

Thick lines outline the basic contours of allparts of the cat's body, remove excess lines with an elastic band. Since the cat will be black, start hatching. The stronger, then weaker clicking on the pencil, draw the ears, back, tail. The strokes should be lighter than the color of the contours of the body. Let only the tip of the tail and paws, breast and muzzle remain white. Voila - you got a real home-made black purr!

Time to play

We hope that it is now clear how to drawcat step by step pencil. If time allows, you can draw a few purrs of different colors and sizes, let the child paint them. Then help him carefully cut them, paste them on the cardboard, and he will have his own friends created by him. Ask the baby to give them names. For such paper kittens it is possible to equip the house, put it to sleep on the pillow, draw sausages and fish for them ... You can make cardboard stands for them so that the seals can not only lie, but also stand.

Connect fantasy

The biggest "appoint" Pope Cat, choosemother, sister and brother; Together with the child to come up with funny stories with their participation. In general, the main thing is to include imagination. Do not hesitate, the kid will be happy to spend time with new friends! Perhaps, this company will be enough for a long time - until you finally decide not to indulge him with this real, fluffy favorite!

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