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Today we will talk about the movie "Golden Caveroses ". Actors and roles will be presented further. Another name for the painting is Fantagiro. This is a television series, which was shot based on the Italian fairy tale "Beauty Fanta-Giro." This is the legend of the Tuscan princess, who, dressed in men's clothing, managed to lead the army, by cunningly defeating the enemy and finding love. The series was purchased and duplicated in Russian, Slovak, Spanish, French, German and English. The director was Lamberto Bava, and the composer Amedeo Mingi. The picture consists of 5 parts. They, in turn, are divided into two half-hour series.


actors cave of the golden rose
We will discuss the plot of the film, after which there will beactors are represented. "The Cave of the Golden Rose" is a picture that tells how the king lived in a magical land. He had three daughters. Katerina Wise - the eldest, Carolina Beautiful - medium and unpredictable Fantagiro - the youngest. They differed in character. The older sisters learned to draw, cook and sew. The youngest in secret from her father studied the works of sages and philosophers, engaged in fencing. The girl knew that, according to the prediction, she was destined to make a great feat.

Key players

cave of golden roses actors
The following starring roles will be presentedactors. "The Cave of the Golden Rose" is a film in which the main character is Fantagiro. Alessandra Martinez played this role. It's about the Italian-French actress, a former ballerina who gained fame through her work on the television series "The Cave of the Golden Rose." She moved to Paris with her parents. Visited the conservatory of music and dance. She performed in George Balanchine's New York Ballet. She also cooperated with Italian teams. Her debut in the cinema was a film with Marcello Mastroianni called "Miss Arizona." For the role in the film "The Cave of the Golden Rose", the actress was invited by the director Lamberto Bava. She met Claude Lelouch, a French director who invited her to take part in his film "All About It." They were married after filming. The couple had a daughter Stella. Now the actress is divorced. Alessandra speaks fluent English and French. She has a second child from actor Cyril Deskura, with whom she has been in relationship since 2008.

Mario Adorf played the king. It's about the German actor of cinema and theater.

Kim Rossi Stuart embodied the image of Romualdo.

Other heroes

Below are the actors who acted as supporting actors. "The Cave of the Golden Rose" is a film in which the Black Queen is present. Brigitte Nielsen performed this role. Horst Buchholz played Darken.
Tarabas and Xsellesia are two memorableThe character present in the plot of the film "Fantagiro, or Cave of the Golden Rose." Actors Nicholas Rogers and Ursula Andress performed these roles. Remo Girona embodied the image of Nameless. Angela Molina played White Witch. Cataldo and Ivaldo also appear in the plot of the movie "The Cave of the Golden Rose." Actors Stefano Davanzati and Thomas Valik performed these roles. Ornella Markuci played Catherine. Elena D'ippolito appeared in the film as Esmeralda. Katerina Brozova played Caroline. Anna Geislerova embodied the image of the Queen. Agat De La Fontaine played the role of Angelica. Oreste Guidi played Rufusa. Jean-Pierre Kassel embodied the image of the general. Luke Venantini appears in the film as Aries.


fantagiro or the cave of the golden roses actors
Next, we give some information about the film, inwhich, as you already know, was played by many famous actors. "Cave of the Golden Rose" - this is a series that consists of ten one and a half hour scenes. Most of the scenes were shot in the territory of the ancient castles of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The picture belongs to the genre of fantasy. The original language of the film is Italian.

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