How to draw a minion beautifully in stages?

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Many are interested in how to draw in stagesminion. There is nothing easier. But first, let's see who the minions are. These are yellow shapeless creatures from the cartoon "Ugly I". According to legend, these are artificially created robots invented by a mad scientist. They eat, drink tasty soft drinks and sleep all day. In addition, they just love to joke and often poke each other.

how to draw a minion step by step
For this they were loved by all the spectators, from the verysmall to adults. Their jokes are rather simple, just enough to laugh and not to think. They are the funniest part of the cartoon. It is thanks to the fact that they are so funny, after viewing everyone wants to know how to draw a minion step by step.

What do you need?

For this we need fine-grained paperfor watercolors, simple and watercolor pencils, a rubber band. Synthetic round brush, for example, No. 1, but you can choose more. Two jars with water. Pencils are desirable to have firms Kooh-i-noor with numbers 34, 33, 17, 16, 28 and 3. And now, when we have all the accessories for our creativity, we have no choice but to draw a minion step by step. This is easy if you follow a clear instruction.

How to draw a minion step by step

how to draw a minion step by step

Step 1

It is necessary to consider in this character simpleforms that are present. For example, the trunk of the minions looks like a rectangle with rounded edges. Draw a simple pencil main form, then the rest of the details - glasses, hands and feet. Do not worry if you have additional lines, then you can easily remove them with an eraser.

Step 2

Then again, using a simple pencil,basic contour. We finish the rest of the little things - mouth, eyes, costume and hair. We remove unwanted lines with the eraser. It was a simple, linear drawing. Here's how to draw a minion in pencil in stages. Then we proceed to coloring.

Step 3

Take the yellow color for the body of the minion. Blue color clothes and slightly shoes and gloves. The color of light ocher is number 28 - we put it on our eyes behind the glasses. Then we dunk the brush into the water, slightly, quite a bit. Blur the colors. If there is a lot of water, then ugly stains may form, so do not overdo it. All we need is to make all parts monotonous.

Step 4

We give our drawing a little dry andtouch up. The eyes of the minion, as well as the shadows inside the glasses, are drawn in dark brown. In blue we denote shadows. Black draw out all the small details and a little shadow - buttons, an inscription on the pocket, boots and gloves.

how to draw a minion in pencil in stages
Step 5

The final stage. Blue and black are the elements of the glasses. Precisely repeat the highlights do not seek, it is not necessary. Clicking on the black pencil, we get shadows, and blue denote the metal shine. On the head we designate several hairs. Paint the pupils. In blue-gray pencil draw the shadows. A little stress on the lower lip. To move to the shadow did not look sharp, we need a second jar, where we will wet the brush and blur the picture.

Here's how to draw a minion in stages. Nothing complicated. Dare!

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