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Nastya Ivleva, whose biography is included in thisarticle, is a popular video blogger. Recently, she became famous as the leading popular show "Eagle and Tails". On the podium, she is a spectacular model, and in communication - an attractive and energetic girl. She has long had a lot of fans, and after she arranged her personal life, their number only increased. In the show "The Eagle and Tails" the heroine of our article came in the 14th season. He received the title "Restart". The idea was to film the programs about several cities that had already been shown on air. Leading it was together with the Ukrainian DJ Anton Ptushkin.

Childhood of Anastasia

Nastya Ivleva biography

Nastya Ivleva, whose biography you can read in this article, was born in 1991. She was born on a festive day for all the fair sex - March 8.

Her school years and her youth passed inSt. Petersburg. After graduating from high school, she received the education of a public relations specialist. True, in the future this profession never aroused her any interest. After graduation she decided to realize herself in other areas.

Soon she moved to Moscow.Since 2015 he has been permanently living in the Russian capital. Here she decided to start developing her own television career, enrolled in the Higher School of Television in Ostankino.

Popularity on the Internet

biography of Nastya and Ivleva

Initially, the heroine of our article for a long time could notfind yourself a worthy occupation. After all, it still had to match her ambitions. Before becoming famous, she worked in several nightclubs, for a time worked in a beauty salon as a manicure master.

In the capital, she decided to completely change her character and attitude to life. In the biography of Nastia Ivleva a new page was opened. She seriously got carried away by blogging.

For quite a long timeThe girl shot small, as a rule, comic videos and put them online. Nastya looked very organically in the role of funny and funny characters. Due to this, she began to quickly gain popularity on the Internet. In this role, her creative and artistic talents were revealed.

Soon she became famous and sought after thanks to these sketches. In a short period, her personal channel has collected more than 150,000 subscribers.

Success in social networks

Nastya Ivleva Eagle and teshka biography

But the real glory to her came in the Instagram.Here she began to regularly upload fashionable beauty vines. Her account was primarily intended for the female audience. Today, in this social network, it already has about three and a half million subscribers. On this indicator, it is among the leaders among all domestic bloggers.

To achieve such successes it was possible due to attractive appearance, and also universal style of submission of materials. All this makes any of her post interesting and unique.

A noteworthy fact in the biography of Nastia Ivleva - it was she who became the first person in Russia who received an official entry in her workbook "blogger".

In its most popular and interestingbeauty Ivleva laughs at simple and ordinary situations, forcing viewers to look at them at an unexpected angle and a fresh look. Shows how you can treat this situation in an unconventional format.

The debut on television

nastya Ivleva biography how many years

On television Nastya Ivleva, whose biography you can read in this article, first appeared in a reality show called "Everything is Possible". This happened in 2016.

The project was on the channel "Yu".She became leading with Eldar Jarakhov and Stas Davydov. 10 popular bloggers settled in this show in the so-called blog. Their goal was to demonstrate what they really are capable of. At the same time, each of them conducts his blog about what he likes best and what he knows best.

Each week, participants will have to pass threetests that are specially written for them by their star masters. As a result, mentors, together with the audience, determine who was the best on the results of the week. Losers leave the blog.

Star network "Instagram" Nastia Ivleva (biography of the host is described in detail in this article) quite openly talks about his life on the net. This project was not an exception.

"Eagle and Tails"

Nastya Ivleva Instagram biography

In 2017, a new show appeared in Nasty's biographyIvleva. "Eagle and the river" she began to lead in a pair with Anton Ptushkin. This is already the 14th season of this tourist project, in which leading visitors visit the most attractive points of the planet, where one has to live a weekend for $ 100, and the second has an unlimited gold credit card.

Ivleva and Ptushkin have already visited Bangkok, Paris, Vienna, Miami, Amsterdam.

It's worth acknowledging that now she pays less time to her blog in Instagram. In the biography of Nastia Ivleva, new interests emerged. Work on the project takes away all free time.

The heroine of our article tells us thatwas very happy when she won in the selection. And going abroad for the first business trip, was in shock. Then she had to face the fact that a travel show is a hard work. Frequent changes in the situation have a strong psychological pressure on her.

Personal life leading

Nastya Ivleva biography and personal life

In the biography of Nastia Ivleva, an important event in her personal life took place back in 2011. It was then that she met a singer named Arseny Borodin. At that time Ivleva worked as an administrator.

Borodin - ex-participant of the "Star Factory", actedat that time in the pop group "Chelsea". Now engaged in a solo career. Arseny immediately saw in the girl a great potential and natural beauty. I understood her problems - Nastya at that time lived in St. Petersburg.

He helped her with the move to the capital. In many respects, her blog in "Instagram" appeared with his help. Today he often participates in the filming of her commercials.

Living together

Anastasia and Arseny have been living for more than five yearstogether. It is known that Borodin is very jealous, because of this, lovers often quarrel. Nastya herself often goes to work with her head, so she can not always give enough time and attention to her chosen one.

Very rich biography of Nastya Ivleva! How old is this girl? Often such questions are asked by her fans. She is 26 years old. She is a very advanced girl of modern views.

He leads an active lifestyle, he does a lot of worksports. She even has her own trainer. On vacation Nastya Ivleva, whose biography and personal life are described in detail in this article, prefers to go to exotic countries. Monotony frustrates her, for this reason she often changes her appearance.

Nastya constantly adheres to diets. Therefore, she is always slender and attractive. With an increase of one meter 74 centimeters, its weight is only 56 kilograms.

Straight photo shoot

It is worth acknowledging that sometimes Arseniy has a validreasons to be jealous. For example, in 2016, Nastya starred in a candid photo shoot for Maxim magazine. In addition to pictures in the nude style, the magazine also published a very frank interview.

The girl does not miss any opportunity tomake your body even more attractive and unusual. He does not hesitate to demonstrate his luxurious forms, which many of her fans dream of. Makes tattoos. On her right hip, you can consider a colorful floral arrangement.

In her numerous interviews, Nastya Ivlevarepeatedly noticed that a modern girl should be able to practically everything. In this matter she is in solidarity with feminists. This is the image of the TV presenter herself trying to match. She drives a car, shows the maximum initiative in everything, leads her own successful business.

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