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On the creative contribution of any actor in arthis filmography will tell. Omar Si went a long way from supporting roles until the moment when world glory covered him with his head. Surprisingly, before the release of the picture "1 + 1" few knew his name, but since then he managed to conquer all the audience of the planet with his sincere smile, contagious laughter and stunning images that are remembered for a long time.

Filmography Omar Si


The French actor was born in 1978 inone of the suburbs of Paris. In the family, housewives came from Mauritania and an ordinary Senegalese worker, eight children were born, and Omar Si became the fourth. The filmography of the future star dates back to 2001, that is, when he was already 23. However, he found his true calling much earlier. Prior to this, in the piggy bank of his experience was working on the radio in an entertainment show along with Fred Dough. This further strengthened in Omar the desire to get on television and big screens. In many ways, the boy owes his parents, and he often stated this, because they brought up diligence in him. By the way, the mother and father belong to the African nation of Fulbe, which makes Omar Xi one of the most outstanding personalities of his people.

Omar Si filmography

Early career in film

In 2001, the tape "The Infernal"skyscraper ", where he played a novice actor Omar Si. His filmography before had only one short film, and in the same year, replenished with a second plan in the film "Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra." In 2002, there were also several films with his short participation, among them "Full drive" and "Box". In 2006, the comedy "Summer Camp" produced by the directors Olivier Nakash and Erik Toledano appeared on the screens, for which the joint filmography began not long ago. Omar Si acquainted with them and appears in a more significant role, and their friendship in some measure will be for all three fatal. Next, the actor continues to act in all sorts of scenes, but he never succeeds in realizing the image of the main character on the screen. Among the little-known films with him you can call "We are legends", "Safari" and "Eccentrics".

Omar Si filmography starring roles

World fame

Comes in 2011, which was marked by the releaseon the screens of the film "1 + 1", or "Untouchables". One of the two main characters in it is Omar Si. Filmography, the main roles in which prevail, was for the actor the result of the fourth joint picture of Nakash and Toledano. It is based on a real story of two people who have become the closest friends, despite the fundamental differences from each other in absolutely everything. "Untouchables" is one of the highest grossing films produced by France, and it also earned high praise from critics and viewers. Omar Si, whose filmography included only pictures of domestic production, from that moment smoothly began moving towards American cinema.

Actor Omar Si filmography

Last works

Despite the acknowledged success in Hollywood, the actorcontinues to work with native directors. So, in 2013, the screen version of the best-selling film "Foam Days" was released from the famous virtuosity of Michel Gondry, who has an impressive filmography behind him. Omar Si played in his tape is not the least role. Then followed the participation in the superhero saga "X-Men: Days of the Past", where the actor embodied the image of the mutant Bishop. He also starred in the passing picture of "Easy Money" with James Franco and Kate Winslet. A little later, he again works together with the directors who gave him fame on the shooting of the film "Samba", where his partner is Charlotte Gainsbourg. Another success can be considered participation in one of the highest grossing tapes of 2015 "The World of the Jurassic Period", where Omar played a member of the park.

Omar Si and Charlotte Gainsbourg

Future projects

In 2016 in the Russian hire comes a picture"Chocolate", which is a kind of benefit of one actor. Without this tape today, his filmography is unthinkable. Omar Si in it opens before the audience entirely from the new side, trying on the image of a man who was not lucky enough to be born in his era, because they were treated with disdain to the black people. In addition, the picture is biographical and tells the story of the first black clown in France. The actor will also appear in the film "Inferno", which continues the adaptation of the novels of Dan Brown. It was not without participation in the national film "Everything Begins Tomorrow". Undoubtedly, Omar Si is one of the brightest representatives of his country, as well as her pride. Every year he improves his skills and moves to new levels, and at the same time does not forget about where he comes from.

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