"General's daughter-in-law": actors and the plot of the series

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In 2013, the master of domestic melodramasAnatoly Mateshko presented to the audience his next movie masterpiece "General's daughter-in-law". The actors of the Russian TV series did not leave spectators indifferent, and the plot "requires" continuation.

"General's daughter-in-law": a plot

The plot of the film is not very original, nevertheless,pulls on a solid four. After all, many middle-aged women, and just romantically tuned natures, do not mind watching the tearful story of the vicissitudes of another "poor" girl from the province at leisure.

The daughter-in-law's actresses

The film "General's daughter-in-law", whose actors areall 100% reincarnated in their characters, tells the story of the life of the girl Irina Kolchina. Fate is supportive of the main character. After graduating from the medical institute, she has a chance to cooperate with the famous Moscow professor Fedorov in his private clinic.

Ira in the seventh heaven with happiness, but not onlybecause of a successful start in his career. The girl is in love with Pavel Mishin, a promising young fellow from a wealthy family. The guys decided to get married, and Irina found out that she was pregnant. And everything would turn out well, only the mother of the "heir" of the Mishin dynasty has other plans for the future of his offspring. She decided at all costs to associate his fate with the daughter of her housekeeper. When the despotic general's wife finds out that her dreams will not come true, she decides simply to spoil the life of her daughter-in-law. Who will win the battle of two strong-willed women - time will tell.

"General's daughter-in-law", the actors of which showeda brilliant game on the court, - everyday melodrama. She will certainly remind many women of their fate. The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law resembles a roller coaster: today everything is fine, and tomorrow a huge scandal with a mass of negativity and tears. Anatoly Mateshko maximally realistically recreated all worldly squabbles - sometimes comical, in most cases - tragic.

"General's daughter-in-law". Actors and roles

For filming in his miniseries famous directorcollected a "motley" cast of actors. Were involved already recognizable faces - Natalia Antonova, Igor Botvin, Catherine Kisten, and novice actors, for example, Solomiya Gega.

The actress and the role of the daughter-in-law

Natalia Antonova and Igor Botvin embodied onscreens of the loving newlyweds Mishins, and Larisa Kadochnikova reincarnated into a despotic mother-in-law. The picture "General's daughter-in-law", whose actors, despite the rather complex screen characters, intelligently embodied their characters on the screens, collected both positive and negative feedback.

Reviews of the movie

General's daughter-in-law film actors

Melodrama started on Channel One in the beginningApril 2013 and immediately attracted the viewer with the original name - "General's daughter-in-law". The film, whose actors were mostly known to a small circle of spectators, managed to intrigue the audience. Mini-series had decent ratings of views and discussions. The ending of the series leaves room for reflection and, of course, for the further development of events. Official information about the continuation of the film "The General's daughter-in-law", whose actors managed to fall in love with the audience, yet, but who knows what else the director will come up with ...

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