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Today we will talk about a work thatcreated Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev - "Burmistre". A brief summary of this literary work will be given below. The author introduces the reader to the hero named Penochkin Arkady Pavlovich.


So, let's look at the work "Burmistre".The summary should begin with the mention of the narrator's character. Not far from his estate is already mentioned Penochkin Arkady Pavlovich - an officer who is retired. He is a well-bred and judicious person, he is baptized about his subjects, and punishes for their own good. He is not bad and growing small. His light brown eyes are benevolent, ruddy cheeks puff with health. Arkady Pavlovich is one of the most enviable suitors and educated gentry of the province. He is careful not to be involved in any story. His house in St. Petersburg is in absolute order. Arkady Pavlovich speaks in a pleasant and gentle voice. Plentifully peppers the speech in phrases in French.


Proceed to the next part and continue the shortcontent. "Burmistre" is a story where everything is so smooth only at first glance. Soon the narrator confesses that he is reluctant to visit his neighbor. The fact is that at such times he experiences a strange anxiety. The narrator narrates how once he had to spend the night in the house of Arkady Pavlovich. In the morning that guest did not let go without breakfast. At the same time, the footman was punished, who forgot to warm up the wine. Penochkin found out that the narrator was going to Ryabovo, and decided to go with him, since in those places was his village called Shipilovka.

The final

So, we pass to the final part of the story"Burmistre." Let's continue our brief introduction to the new hero. It's about Sofrona. Penochkin very praises him before the narrator, noting that he is a bailiff and a state man. Arkady Pavlovich takes with him a cook and an abyss of things. The road was long, but at last the heroes reached Shipilovka. At the outskirts they were met by a red-haired huge peasant (the son of a burmist), the headman. Sofrona was not at home. Heroes drove through the village. At the sight of the carriage, people scattered and fell silent.

When the captain appears and they go to inspectpossession, the narrator sees that Sofron behaves like a host, the local people keep in bondage and threaten everyone to join the army. In addition, the case is described, how, with his consent, the dead body found on the site was transferred to neighboring possessions. At the same time Penochkin Arkady Pavlovich does not pay attention to the complaints of people.

Already in Ryabov, an acquaintance told ourthe storyteller that Shipilovka actually belongs to the burmistra, that's why he behaves like that. A Penochkin only listed as the owner, and he does not even know exactly how much land he has - only the burmistra knows this.

So we reviewed the plot of the story "Burmistre". The summary was given above.

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