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Ksenia Mikhailovna Sitnik was born on May 15, 1995 in the small town of Mozyr (Belarus). Perhaps the inhabitants of this city did not even suspect that next to them a future talented singer is growing up.

Young years

Parents Ksusha, father - Sitnik Mikhail and mother -Statsenko Svetlana, noticed that their daughter has a talent. In addition, Ksyusha was always surrounded by a musical atmosphere, since her mother worked as the main art director of the studio of pop singing called "UMES".

Ksyusha was born in Belarus, in the Gomel regionin the city of Mozyr. When she was three years old, she went to the DM at number 34. A little later, that is, two years later, she won her first, bright, debut victory in the contest "Miss Verasok" in 2000. After this victory, parents, noticing her talent, decided to give her to a music school, to the place where her mother worked, that is, "UMES".


Participation in contests

Xenia Sitnik, photo of which has now becomerecognizable, participated in various competitions, visited abroad - in Poland, Germany, Russia - and always returned with no empty hands. She brought in letters, first places, and awards of the second degree. The singer became especially popular when she became a participant of the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. A lot of applicants took part in the contest, among them there were a number of talented singers and singers. However, Ksenia won all her song "We are together" and got a worthy first place. It is worth noting that she was then only 10 years old.

Creative activity

After a time, more precisely, one year, Ksenia Sitnikreleased her first debut album under the same title as the song with which she won the last year, that is, "We are together." The album was very good among fans of pop music, and Ksyusha's voice was gaining momentum more and more. In 2010, when Xenia turned fifteen full years old, she and her mother presented their second official record, which was called "Republic of Xenia". The name was so loud that the journalists asked questions about what this name meant and whether it was too pompous for a little girl. However, in response they heard from her mother Svetlana that this is a small world of Xenia, where she tried to lay out all her emotions. And it turned out to make it very beautiful, at least all the admirers of her work were grateful.

Xenia Sitnik photo

It is worth noting that Xenia still managed to light upin several musicals. One of them was the musical "Starry Night - 2006", where she played the main role. After the release of the first debut album, Sitnik decided to release her first debut video work for a song called "The Little Boat". Later later, she released several more clips, such as "Simple Song" and "Non-stop". Her work was warmly received by the audience and admirers of her work.

Additional Information

In addition, Xenia Sitnik still appeared in thethe role of the TV presenter of the channel "LAD", in the project "Our Quarter", where from the opening until the closure of this program it remained the leading one (the program was closed on May 29, 2009).

At the moment, Xenia gnaws granite science. In her interview, she said that she went to London for the summer, where she studies in Oxford. In addition to developing talent in the music sphere, Xenia Sitnik teaches languages ​​and fluently speaks English. Plus all this, she works hard on herself and does not stop there. Perhaps it is these qualities of her character that bring the singer success and recognition.

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Xenia Sitnik, whose biography is inseparableis associated with musical creativity, is considered by right one of the most amazing personalities on the stage. Many critics praise the gift of the girl, and a huge army of fans confirms her extraordinary talent.

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