How to draw a bear beautifully?

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How to draw a bear? This is a rather difficult question, because it requires some training, practice in the depiction of animals. The problem is that the picture must reflect the nature of this dangerous and ferocious beast. In general, it all depends on exactly what you need a bear. If this is a cartoonish, funny character, then of course he should look good-natured. And if this is a wild animal from the forest, then it must remain, of course, a dangerous predator.

How to draw a bear so that in the picture it looks as severe as possible?

To do this, it is necessary to draw his predatory horrifying face, huge, powerful claws on his paws and try to paint his rather thick long hair with a pencil.

how to draw a bear
Try to draw in stages, extremelycarefully following its proportions. Gradually and painstakingly, step by step, depict all the parts of the body of the beast. And only if you are reserved with patience and accuracy, you will get a good image.

How to draw a bear? You should start with the main lines of the trunk and head. We apply their contours with a simple pencil, we do not need to press too much, let it rather be like strokes.

It's pretty easy to draw a small circle for the head of a teddy bear and only a few lines for its paws and back. Carefully ensure that they are located at the correct distance from each other.

Then comes the second stage. Circle the body

Using the original outlines, "pumping"our animal muscle. To do this, make the first contour smoother and apply the contours of his head to the full face. This is the most difficult part of drawing a bear, and how you do it will depend on the whole image. If you have difficulties with observing the proportions, you can copy them from a suitable picture. Then remove the extra lines.

how to draw a bear in pencil step by step
Stage three. Draw the eyes, nose and mouth of a bear

Now we are learning to portray the animal's head. It's time for her too. First we make two strokes for his eyes, one for the mouth, and finally a triangle is the nose of the bear. At this stage, this is enough.

Stage four. Penultimate

We finish drawing the head of a bear, we puta few shadows near the eyes, mouth and nose. Smooth lines denote the mouth, strokes depict his coat. Further, we check whether we have not missed anything on the head, and we pass to its paws. Showing claws and wool is quite simple.

how to draw polar bears
Stage five. Final

In fact, the image is almost finished. Previous stages were much more complicated. It remains only to add a few finishing touches to the picture, paint the skin with a pencil - and the drawing will become realistic. Here's how to draw a bear. Everything, the beast is ready.

Interesting remark

If you are interested in how to draw polar bears,then do it about the same, just be careful with the coat. The main thing here is not to overdo it, but at the same time to show its density and white color. Therefore, we apply wool with strokes.


We hope you understand how to draw a bear in pencil step by step, and you will be able to depict it yourself.

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