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In 2011, a lyrical melodrama "Terms of the contract" appeared on the screens. The actors of the series presented the audience with a unique, emotionally packed game.

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Information about the film

The director of this comedy film was IgorThe husband. In one of his interviews, he notes that the main purpose of creating the series was to remove not just a melodrama, but a lyrical comedy with a detective storyline. In the film, it is associated with the sale of organs and experiments with stem cells. This picture was filmed in these clinics with the participation of real medical consultants. Sometimes life very dexterously substitutes footsteps for carefree and absolutely happy people. On how to withstand all life's blows and believe that everything happens only for the better, the series "Terms of the contract" will tell. The actors of the film will prove by their example that happiness can be earned only if it is hard to fight for it.

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The main roles in the film were performed by a beautiful womanElena Velikanova and the charming Kirill Safonov. Natalia Rudova, Igor Gudeev, Natalia Danilova, Artem Osipov, Marina Kudelinskaya, Lyubov Tikhomirova and Lyudmila Titova also took part in the shootings. Actors of the series "Terms of the contract" very carefully selected for their roles, which allowed to create a really good creative composition. Specially for the film, Natalia Rudova dyed her hair in a dark color so unusual for spectators and played a real villain. It was approved fairly quickly, but Kirill Safonov did not immediately get this role. An incredible number of castings was conducted, many were tried, but in the end, this promising actor was lucky. However, it should be noted that in the series "Terms of the contract" the actors and the roles that they perform are matched incredibly accurately, which gives the show a liveliness and fascination.

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The plot narrates about Masha Pavlova and herbeloved Victor. They are the main characters of the series "Terms of the contract." The actors who performed these roles are the charming Elena Velikanova and the inimitable Kirill Safonov. They live a quiet, measured life and are preparing for the wedding. However, just before the holiday, Masha's sister is diagnosed with brain cancer. It is necessary either to stand in the queue for a free operation for a very long time, or somewhere to get 10 thousand dollars. Turning for help to her lover, the girl receives a refusal. He thinks it's unreasonable to give such fabulous money, because the sister will eventually die sooner or later. But Masha can not allow her sister to die. Then she decides on a desperate step - goes to the capital and becomes a surrogate mother. But after the birth of the child, the girl understands that she can not part with the baby. What will end this confusing story, you can find out if you watch the series "Terms of the contract." Actors played in the movie so realistic and lively,that you can not tear yourself away from the screens, without having examined it to the end. It should also be noted that the review deserved the best reviews - many have won the actors' game, the plot is also not trivial, everything is interesting, the viewer does not remain indifferent for a single second. Be sure to watch the tape, you will be satisfied!

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