The series "Molodezhka": actors and roles, the plot and the future

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In October 2013, the television screens went outthe first season of the series "Youth". A long film immediately interested Russian viewers and gained popularity among both the adult generation and among adolescents, as well as children.

The future of the series

In the middle of 2016, 3season of the series "Youth". Actors and roles have remained unchanged for several years. However, the ending of season 3 made many think about whether there will be a continuation.

"Molodezhka": actors and roles
Unfortunately, at the moment there are no official statements, but there are rumors on the Internet about the release of the last season of the film Molodyozhka. Actors and roles in this season will remain the same, most likely.


This wonderful film tells usthe history of young sportsmen, who are professionally trained in the city hockey team. The main characters of the series "Molodezhka" (actors and roles are chosen so well that it is better not to invent, by the way) play in a team under the same name "Bears". All the members of the hockey club are strong, intelligent, very little lazy and at the same time purposeful enough people.

Young people thought that nothing complicated incareer athlete is not, however, with the arrival of the new coach Makeev all changed dramatically. The main task of the coach was to prove to the guys that only work and real desire can make them world-class athletes. This is the hero of the series still managed to do it!

Sergey Makeev was able to turn outsiders fromteam "Bears" in the leaders of the hockey table of each season. All this happened thanks not only to his experience, but also to the fact that a few years ago he was a high-profile hockey player, but received a serious injury, because of which he was forced to end his active career once and for all.

The events of season 2 and 3 of the series "Molodezhka" (actorsand the role of season 1 have not changed) have proved to viewers that Makeev never gives up. He is an honest and self-confident person, so he can set the conditions and not go on about the others. We will not disclose the whole plot of the film, because it's better to just look, for example, the second (the series "Molodezhka") season. Actors and roles, incidentally, this season fully corresponded to the very first season. For this reason, it's better to watch a TV series from season 1.

"Molodyozhka 2": actors and roles

The role of the head coach of "Bears" and some other teams was played by Denis Nikiforov. The first captain of the team Shchukin Egor was played by Alexander Sokolovsky.

In addition, the role of Andrei Kislyak went to Vlad Konopko, Misha Ponamarev was played by Ilya Korobko, the role of Semyon Bakin (goalkeeper of the team) was played by Igor Ogurtsov.

Anton Antipov played Ivan Mulin, and Julia (the mother of Anton Antipov) was played by Serafima Nizova. Also worth noting is the coach of the team "Ice Kings", played by Andrei Merzlikin.

The series
Also in all the seasons of the series "Molodezhka" other actors also played, which, unfortunately, were not included in the list above.

To sum up

Thus, the fans of the series should wait for the release of the new season, but so far no statements of the channel "STS" did not, therefore this information can not be called exact.

In addition, for several yearsthe existence of this remarkable and loved by many of the series on the Internet was left an incredible amount of positive feedback. Movie fans celebrate not only the professionalism of the director, but also the writers who were able to provide a truly chic series. Many actors of the television series receive praise from TV viewers for being fully integrated into the role. Perhaps, it is for these reasons that the series will continue to exist!

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