Artistic lesson: how to draw a heron

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Heron is a proud and majestic bird.As a rule, she lives near water bodies and is of a calm nature. If there is a desire to depict this beautiful living being, it is worth paying attention to this article. It will discuss in detail how to draw a heron.

Distinctive features of a bird

Before you draw a heron, it is important to study itfeatures and behavior. An artist who knows the depicted object well, always creates drawings more accurately and more qualitatively. The heron has long legs, a long beak and wide enough wings. The basic pose in which this bird is located is a stand on one leg. In this position the heron can spend several hours in a row, if it does not scare anything. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to draw a living bird in nature or in a reserve, this bird can pose for a very long time. In the drawings the heron is usually depicted:

  • Standing on one leg with folded wings.
  • Standing with spread wings.
  • In flight from the side.
  • In flight in front, with open wings.
  • Standing in a slope to the water.

When deciding how to draw a heron for the first time, it is better to stop at the classical position - standing on one leg.

how to draw a heron


Let's consider in more detail how to draw a heron. Step by step follow the instructions, the picture will necessarily turn out beautiful:

  1. You need to start sketching with the marking of the basic proportions. The height of the bird, the width of its body, the position of the head and the length of the beak are noted.
  2. Then two ovals are drawn - the head and body of a heron.
  3. The head connects with the body with a curved neck.
  4. Wide wings and pointed tail are planned. Both the wing and tail have a rounded shape.
  5. A paw is planned on which the animal stands - in the knee there is an obvious deflection back.
  6. A second, bent paw is planned.
  7. Fingers are added on the paws. A pencil sketch can be considered ready.

to draw a heron step by step


The resulting sketch should be supplemented with details - draw the eye, feathers, wrinkles and wrinkles on the legs, etc.

to draw a heron step by step

The prepared heron can be made larger byhatching. You can also draw a background, for example, the water surface, the shore of a pond, reeds. In pictures with herons, frogs and fish jumping out of the water are often depicted. In fact, the author's picture can depict everything that the artist considers appropriate and necessary. So, the question of how to draw a heron is fully considered. Ready work can be beautifully decorated in the form of a postcard or picture. You can give it to your friend or make a stylish decoration of your home interior.

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