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"And dawns here are quiet ...", "Molodezhka", "UGRO. Simple guys "," Moscow, I love you! "," Love with all stops "- a film and series, thanks to which the audience remembered the actor Ilya Alekseev. In his youth, this man achieved serious success in sports, but nevertheless decided to connect his life with the world of dramatic art. What is his story?

Actor Ilya Alekseev: the beginning of the road

Star of the series "UGRO. Simple guys "was born in Nizhny Novgorod, it happened in September 1980. Actor Ilya Alekseev was born in an ordinary family, he does not have famous relatives. In his childhood, he seriously engaged in sports, in particular karate and boxing. Excellent physical training in the future helped him in his search for roles.

actor Ilya Alexeev

The desire to become an actor appeared in Ilya enoughearly. However, Alexeyev did not immediately venture to realize his dream. After graduation, he continued his education at the Nizhny Novgorod Pedagogical University. He could graduate from this school and do coaching work, but this did not happen. A young man threw an unloved college and went to conquer Moscow.

First successes

In 2004, actor Ilya Alekseev became a studentThe Moscow Art Theater Schools. He successfully combined classes with work on the set. The young man made his debut in the melodrama "Dear Masha Berezina". In this television project he got the role of Igor Panin in his youth.

Ilya Alexeev private life

Next, Ilya starred in the television films "Unexpectedjoy "and" Olya + Kolya ". In the first project he performed an episodic role, but his colleagues on the set were Armen Jigarkhanyan and Nadezhda Rumyantseva. In the second tape Alexeyev embodied the image of a key character. His character was a soldier who gets fired home. During his vacation, Kolya meets a charming girl, who falls in love without memory. He is forced to part with Olya and return to the unit. Lovers promise each other soon reunite, but fate has other plans.


For the first time the actor Ilya Alekseev drew to himselfattention of the public when he starred in the TV series "UGRO. Simple guys. " The first season of this TV project was submitted to the spectators' court in 2007. He tells the story of law enforcement officers who are residents of a provincial town. Guys are forced to constantly risk their lives, catching and imprisoning dangerous criminals. The character of Ilya in this series was Yuri Astafiev - one of the "cops". This actor embodied in three seasons "UGRO. Simple guys. "

Ilya Alexeev

Thanks to the role of Yuri Astafiev drew the attention of directors Ilya Alekseev. The filmography of the actor began to replenish actively.

  • "Rainbow".
  • "Moscow, I love you!".
  • "The Dark World in 3D."
  • "The color of the flame."
  • "I Serve the Fatherland!".
  • «Angels».
  • "Our space."
  • "With love from hell."
  • "The Urals lacemaker."
  • "Coast security".
  • "Youth".
  • "Penelope".
  • "Ninkin's love."
  • "Myrtle the ordinary".
  • "Plus Love."
  • "Another's life."
  • "If you are not with me".
  • "The heart of the enemy."

What can you tell us about the latest achievementsAlekseeva? In the melodrama "The Dawns Here Are Quiet ..." he embodied the image of Lieutenant Osyanin. Ilya performed bright roles in the series "Voluntary Reception", "Aspen Nest", "Forgive". In 2017, he starred in television projects "Pure confession" and "Love with all the stops", and also embodied the image of Arseny in "Opposition".

Life Behind the Scenes

Not on all topics with pleasure talking withjournalists Ilya Alekseev. The actor does not like to discuss his personal life. It is known that for several years now he has been happily married, he is responsible for family values. Spouse gave the star of the series "UGRO. Simple guys "of two sons, who were named Vyacheslav and Vladislav. The actor tries to give the family as much time as possible, likes to travel with his wife and children.

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