Russian TV series "By the Name of the Baron": actors and roles

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In 2002, Russian screens appearedthe first series of the long-awaited series "By the Name of the Baron". Actors for the film were selected carefully, because the director Dmitry Svetozarov was looking for new faces. The subject of the film was in touch with the Jewish and Gypsy nationalities, and therefore the characters of the picture had to correspond in appearance to the specified nationalities.

Crime drama "By the name of the Baron": film actors

According to the plot, the picture has a long time span: from the Great Patriotic War to the end of the 20th century - more than 50 years.

By the name of Baron Actors
At the beginning of the film tells about a difficult lifea small Jewish boy Joseph - the main character. Already in adulthood, he remembers all the hardships and hardships that he had to endure in his youth.

Fate was very cruel to him.Struggling with adversity and life problems, Joseph decides to flee the house. By the will of fate, he finds himself in a gypsy camp. After a while, fate prepares him another test: he gets to places of detention. But the difficulties could not break the firm and resolute Joseph.

After the release of the man becomes an influential man in the mafia group. He decided to forget who he was. It's about Joseph that tells the name of the film "By the Name of the Baron".

The actors who took part in the series:

  1. The main hero Joseph - Nodar Mgaloblishvili (role in adulthood), Danil Lavrenov (twenty years), Boris Khvoshnyansky (in the seventies of the twentieth century).
  2. Teacher Aron is Sergey Bekhterev.
  3. Deborah - Xenia Rappoport.
  4. Friend of Joseph Boris Shulman - Yervant Arzumanyan.
  5. Django, the right hand of Joseph - Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh.
  6. The criminal leader of Musa is Yuri Aroyan.
  7. Sasha "Steam Engine" - Igor Ageyev and other wonderful actors.

The best domestic TV series

According to numerous positive reviewsspectators, the series is rightfully considered a cult. The director successfully chose the plot for the film "By the Name of the Baron". Actors and the roles that they realized, deserve the universal Russian recognition. Not surprisingly, the drama won a 2003 prize in the nomination "Best Game TV Series."

by the name of the Baron actors and roles


On the question of which series is the best, you cananswer that this is a dramatic picture "By the name of the Baron". The actors of the series were able to convey to the TV viewer the exact characterization of all the characters and their life in difficult times. After watching the film, each viewer will think about his life, about relationships with people, about loyalty and betrayal, about love and hatred.

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