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During the reign of Peter the Greatseriously thought about the creation of a battle-worthy navy. According to the order of the sovereign, in Russia the ships began to build at an accelerated pace. In addition, Peter wanted the Russian Navy to be run by competent and skillful Russian captains, and not by foreign mercenaries.

tobacco captain

To carry out his plan, he sentyoung noblemen abroad to comprehend science. But not every aristocrat was profitable, which is what the musical comedy "Tobacco Captain" tells about. Actors played in the movie famous. Their names, as well as the plot of the picture, are presented in the article.


A famous reformer is going to establish a closecontact with the unknown to this day Europe. For the training of complex maritime craft, he is going to send sons of noble parents to Holland. He needs sensible young noblemen who will be able to learn from the Dutch sailors navigational business. Among those who should go abroad, the main candidate was a negligent slacker-nobleman. Anton Svinin - this is the name of this hero of the comedy "Tobacco Captain". Actor Victor Krivonos played a negligent student.


Anton's mother did not want to let her go, shepersuaded the king to be merciful, but all her requests were in vain. The order of the sovereign sounded like this: "Mama's son must be trained in Amsterdam!" Upon his return, if Anton is diligent in his studies, Peter Alekseevich promised to marry him to the beautiful Luba Smurova, the daughter of a rich merchant-the main heroine of the movie "Tobacco Captain".

tobacco captain actors and roles

The actors who took part in the shooting, in thoseTimes (and the film was released in 1972) were real stars of Soviet cinema. The performer of the role of Lyuba is no exception. Natalya Fateeva played the role of Svinin's favorite girl in the film "Tobacco Captain".

The actors were carefully selected. Eugene Shapin played the role of serf Ivan, whom Svinin took with him to the overseas city. The servant was a quick and surprisingly quick-witted boy.


In a foreign country the noble boyar has learned onlyplay dice and hunt, learned a few French verbs. And the basis of navigation was studied by his servant, disguised as a master's dress. Clever Ivan answered the questions of teachers, did the drawings, mastered all the secrets and subtleties of ship art, and even had time to clean boots, dress and wash the lazy barchuk.

And now the Russian autocrat solemnlymeets the boys who returned home after training. He is ready to make midshipmen in captains. Anton Svinin has the best certificate. Therefore, the king honored him with great honor - to enter the harbor majestic handsome frigate "Ingermanland". But the illiterate actions of ignoramuses led to the fact that the ship was on the brink of death. And this was the starry hour of Ivan. He boldly rushed to the aid of his master, demonstrating the wonders of folk savvy. The skillful and quick commands of the guy led the ship out of danger.

movie actors tobacco captain

The king learns about the substitution, the situation is clarified. As a reward, the sovereign buys a servant from Svinin, paying for it with a tobacco seed, which was highly valued. The former serf gets nobility, becomes an officer of the fleet and marries Lyuba, who has long been in love. Now he was jokingly called the "tobacco captain".

Actors and roles

The first Russian emperor played VladlenDavydov. In the actor's record, there were many majestic roles. In 1944 he played the role of Ivan the Terrible. In the post-war period, Soviet officers predominantly played.

For Yevgeny Shapin the brightest film work wasrole of "tobacco captain". Acting career for him is not in the first place. After all, Shapin is a soloist of the Leningrad Operetta Theater. Other actors of the movie "Tobacco Captain": Nikolai Trofimov, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Sergei Filippov, Georgy Vitsin, Maria Politsemayko.

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