"Eugene Onegin": a summary of the novel in verse

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Pushkin Alexander Sergeevich is considered a genius,a pioneer in the creation of the literary language of our people. He left behind him a multivolume collection of works and made a truly revolution in Russian versification. One of the most famous and outstanding of his works is the novel "Eugene Onegin", written in verse. This work is brilliant.

evgeny Onegin Short-term
It had such a huge impact on thethe subsequent poetry that even special terms "Oneginsky size" - 4-foot iambic, and "Onegin stanza" - 14 lines (3 quatrains with three kinds of rhyming in a row - cross, pair and girdle, and then - couplet) appeared.

The novel "Eugenia Onegin", a summarywhich does not take a lot of space, truly stands almost on the first place in the list of Russian classics, which is compulsory for reading. It can be read at any age.

"Eugene Onegin." Summary

The action begins with the direct speech of the protagonist,Eugene Onegin, who goes to his dying uncle - a rich and tedious old man. But Eugene discovers his uncle "already on the table," and himself - the heir of a rich, but troublesome estate. Then follows the story of the life of the main character. Eugenia Onegin (a summary of the image) - a secular man, a slacker, a dandy, a fashionist.

novel of Eugene Onegin
He makes a very careful toilet in the morning,then goes to ride in a carriage, long-long change clothes for dinner, in the evenings often visits the theater, where he is interested not in a play, but in young ladies. Eugene ends his day with a trip to the ball or a magnificent banquet.

But suddenly our burner lives boredthe highest light, and he decides to settle in the village. However, soon the hermit's life bored him, and Eugene goes on a visit to his neighbors, Larin, with a friend, the poet Lensky, whose bride is the youngest daughter of the Larins. Larins are a provincial traditional landlord family. The family has two daughters - Olga and Tatiana. Tatyana is the eldest. She is melancholy and a little strange girl. Olga, the bride of Lensky - a bright, health-ravishing beauty. Tatiana, until this day, indifferent to men, until unconsciously falls in love with Eugene. Overflowing with feelings, she writes him a letter with a confession, but Eugene remains indifferent. For the sake of fun, he starts with the skills of secular red tape to take care of Olga. Lensky in love is jealous and calls him to a duel, in which Eugene kills his village friend.

Onegin after these events falls on a longtime to leave these places and in general from Russia. He travels a lot, but nowhere can he find peace. Finally, tired of traveling and not getting relief, he returns to St. Petersburg. There he meets at the ball Tatiana Larin, now the wife of a rich and noble nobleman. Onegin falls in love with her, but she refuses to change her husband, although she does not hide the fact that she still loves him.

Pushkin Evgeny Onegin

As already mentioned, many great workswrote Pushkin. "Eugene Onegin" is a book for all time, every cultural person must read it. The novel "Eugenia Onegin", the summary of which, of course, can not convey the entire charm of the original, can be re-read endlessly. They even say that every self-respecting person should know the first stanzas of Eugene Onegin by heart. Having read only a pamphlet entitled "Eugene Onegin, a short summary", he will not be able to fully appreciate the beauty of the Pushkin syllable, the richness of rhymes and means of artistic expressiveness, and also will not be able to recognize allusions and easily quote the lines from Eugene Onegin.

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