Mazepova Alina is a participant of the TV project "Dom-2". Biography, facts from personal life

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Alina Mazepova is a participant of the TV project "Dom-2". She is known as a performer of private dance "go-go". A nice, bright girl left the project and came back again.

alina mazepova biography


May 21, 1987 Alina Mazepova was born. Her biography is quite full. Graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry and Ecology at the Vladimir State Humanitarian University. Alina is an ecologist. Also Mazepova is fond of singing and choreography. Our heroine loves to ski, snowboard, roller skates, bicycles. Alina was seriously engaged in athletics. According to the girl, she did not come to the world quite normally. Her father was a military man, so her family often changed their place of residence. When they once again changed the city, Alina's mother was in the last month of pregnancy. They boarded a plane flying to Baku. It was on board the airliner Alina and was born. At the age of six, our heroine and her family moved to Vladimir. They settled there.

Show Business

Already in the second year of university Alina has understood,that the profession of an ecologist does not attract her. She likes show business and television. In 2007, Mazepova participated in the beauty contest "Vladimir Beauty". In 2008, Alina won in the nomination "Miss Smile" and entered the top 20 at the contest "Beauty of Russia". In 2009, after graduation from the University, our heroine went to local television. She began to talk about the weather on one of the Vladimir TV channels. Then she was promoted. Mazepova became the leader in the news program. Alina tried herself and in journalism. Also, while working on television, the girl began to master the skill of the stylist. At night, Mazepov did not sit back. She worked as a dancer in nightclubs. In 2013, Alina moved to Moscow. She worked as an image-maker, and in the evenings she danced "go-go" in nightclubs. On her page "VKontakte" Alina Mazepova photo from the sixth spreads without any embarrassment.

TV show House 2"

In early 2014, Mazepov was cast onTV show House 2". And on January 31, 2014 Alina first appeared on TV broadcasting. She expressed her sympathy with Alexander Zadoynov. At first the young man answered her in kind, but later it became clear that Alexander was still not indifferent to Elina Karyakina.

alina mazepov and rustam
Mazepova did not lose her grip on the preliminaryvoting went to Rustam Kalganov. And in the night air it was evident how Rustam kissed Alina. However, according to Veronica, it was just a friendly kiss on the cheek. Alina Mazepova and Rustam do not meet. But other guys did not deprive our heroine of attention, and she did not resist it at all. A little later, Alina danced a private dance for the black striptease Joseph. Young people declared themselves a couple. But in February 2014, the girl decides to leave the project.

Care with a reality show

Mazepova Alina left very suddenly. Various rumors began to appear on the Internet. As later told Alina, she was forced to leave the project because of this. In order not to upset her mother, Mazepova left the TV show. Despite everything, Alina confesses that she is grateful to the project for the opportunity to meet new interesting people. Thanks to the reality show, she revised her future. Alina decided not to return to the profession of a night dancer anymore. She wants to become a TV presenter. Mazepova reconciled with her ex-boyfriend. Before the project, they met for 5 years.


On March 16, Mazepova Alina returned to the TV project"House 2". Veronica - a close friend of our heroine - says that she was invited to the project by the chief editor. But there are rumors that when the girl left the reality show, her boyfriend promised to marry her. But the wedding was not foreseen.

 Alina Mazepova photo
And that's why our heroine decided to return. According to Mazepova herself, she wants to have a family, to give birth to a child. And she returned to the project not in order to popiaritsya, but to build a serious relationship. By the way, Alina's mother reconciled with the daughter's desire to participate in the scandalous TV show. Upon return, our heroine again decided to build a relationship with Joseph. He agreed, but none of the participants believed in Alina's sincerity. There is an opinion that this way she just wants to stay on the reality show.

mazepova alina

Nikita Kuznetsov

In early May, Mazepova Alina began to buildrelations with Nikita Kuznetsov. Mazepova became more relaxed. Kuznetsov clearly liked the role playing in the governess. Many participants in the project did not believe in the romantic relationship of the children. After all, Alina is still not indifferent to Alexander Zadoynov. They were right. The couple really broke up soon. Only the reason was not Alina's love for Alexandra, but for the photos she put on the net. According to the photographs, we can assume that Mazepova not only dances "go-go", but also does something more serious.

I want to believe that the pretty blonde Alina Mazepova, whose biography is today at everyone's ear, will build a serious relationship. Everything will end with the wedding and the children, as she dreamed.

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