Now let's talk about how to draw a horse in pencil step by step

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Do you enjoy painting?Want to learn how to draw a horse in pencil step by step? Then this publication is for you! For work you will need a simple pencil, an eraser and a sheet of white paper. Armed with tools? In that case, let's get to work.

how to draw a beautiful horse

In order to get the right drawing, youWe must clearly know the horse's body structure: the places where she had curves, bulges. In addition, it is necessary to understand the location of muscles and joints. Errors here are unacceptable! For example, you can focus on the picture on the right.

How to draw a horse in pencil in stages: outline

1. Make a frame beyond which the body of the animal should not leave.

2. Next, they throw a small oval, which later turns into an animal's face.

3. From the resulting drawing, make a small indentation down and to the side, then execute a sketch of the second, larger oval. It will be the torso of the animal.

how to draw a horse in pencil step by step

4. Connect the resulting ovals, forming the neck and body of the animal.

5. Draw lines that indicate the location of the legs.

How to draw a horse's head in pencil?

how to draw a horse's head in pencil

Carefully look at the photo, what it looks likehead at the horse and specify the outline in your drawing. The cheek of the animal is almost twice as large as the edge of the muzzle. Make a bunch of ears and from them visually draw a line to the nose. At one third of its length are the eyes. Now draw the cheekbones, the lines of the mouth and the nostrils.

Keep in mind that if you want to draw a curbed horse, you should know the placement of all the parts of the device.

How to draw a horse in pencil in stages: the trunk and legs

1. Modify the joints of the ovals so as to form a neat back and abdomen.

2. Working with the legs, pre-sketch the location of the joints in the form of points, so it will be easier to create the right figure.

3. Draw a contour of the legs, not forgetting that they should be thicker in the femur than in the thigh. Lower limbs are still a bit narrower in front of the hoof.

4. Hooves are depicted in the form of trapezoids.

5. Draw the neck of the horse so that it is not massive, as it is a very graceful animal.

6. Draw a mane. You can do this with one whole pattern, or you can group individual strands. The second option is more complicated, but the result is more effective.

7. Draw the animal's tail.

how to draw a beautiful horse contours

How to draw a horse in pencil step by step: muscles

If you want to get a three-dimensional image,it is necessary to paint over the muscles, of course, given the light source. At this stage you will need knowledge of their location. But even if you do not want to understand the anatomy in detail, it's enough to be guided by ready-made drawings. Shading should be done in such a way that the shades are smooth and there are no separate lines (except the outline). To do this, you either need a blunt pencil, or you should very low tilt the sharp pencil. Smoothness of the transition from black to light gray and white will give an easy finger lubrication, only it needs to be done very carefully.

how to draw a beautiful horse hatching

Now you know the algorithm of how to drawa beautiful horse. It is not necessary to strictly follow the sequence of these actions. You can work as you would be more convenient, the main thing is to do everything with a soul!

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