The meaning of phraseology "barrel danaid", origin and examples

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Much sorrow has brought people love. It is not only the power that sets everything in motion, but also the power that destroys everything. If it comes to love-passion. This is also evidenced by the importance of the phraseology "barrel of danaid". Rather, it is not itself, but its history. However, everything in order.

The origin of phraseology

the meaning of the phraseology of the barrel danaid

Those expressions that came to us from mythsAncient Greece, to disassemble is easy and pleasant. So in this case. Let's briefly outline the essence of the legend, from which the meaning of the phraseology "barrel of the Danaids" came. There were two ancient kings - Egypt and Danai. The first reigned, as is easy to understand, in Egypt, the other - in Libya. Egypt had 50 sons, and Danae had 50 daughters. Of course, the story of the daughter of one captivated the sons of another. But mutual sympathy did not happen. And so there was a conflict of interests. Omitting unnecessary details, for example: young people achieved what they wanted, but Danai and his daughters were treacherous. The father gave the daggers to the girls and ordered them to slaughter their newly-baked husbands on their wedding night, which they did. All except one - HyperNestra, she could not kill Linke. The girl secretly led her husband out of the palace. Upon learning this, the "kind" father wanted to torture his daughter, and then to be executed (he was insulted by the disobedience of the child).

But the despot was not able to accomplish the plan, forthe very goddess of love Aphrodite became to protect the young. The gods also cleared the other sisters of the curse of murder. But as we know, the Greek gods do not forgive, so the punishment was found by the Danaid after death in the realm of the gloomy Aida. Sisters are forced to fill the vessel without a bottom, at their disposal eternity. Only they will rejoice and think that the vessel is almost full, it immediately dumps the water and is again empty.

The meaning of phraseology "barrel danaid" nowit's easy to unravel: they say so about a meaningless job that has no end. Greek gods love such punishment, sympathize with the Danaids can Sisyphus and Tantalus, who also have to suffer an eternity of unfulfilled desires. In general, this is the worst thing you can imagine, and probably the man of the era of consumption of everything and everything can very well understand the ancient Greek heroes. However, we are distracted, we will present a modern example illustrating the significance of the phraseology "barrel of danaid".


barrel danaid meaning of phraseology

Everyone knows that working in the office, despiteapparent monotony, is very important for large corporations. But when a person who does not work in the office (and maybe works as well), thinks about the expression "barrel of danaid" (the meaning of phraseology is explained a little higher), then the office comes to mind.

Imagine a situation where people, for example, make 50 bids a day. Spend time and energy for this, but only 1 or 2 products are sold. There is another example.

Scientific activity

barrel danaid meaning and origin of phraseology

A person writes a thesis. It seems to him that his work is meaningful, but the trouble is: the reviewers (those who read and evaluate) do not at all think so. They insist that the work should be rewritten. If a person rewrites 5 or 10 times, then it seems to him that this is how it should be, no one is defending immediately - a working moment, in other words. When the work is rewritten already once in the fifteenth, then there comes a sense of meaninglessness of everything and everything. And here in memory the image of Danae's daughters emerges.

So, the expression "barrel danaid" (meaning and origin of phraseology) is considered, history is told and examples are given. Our task is completed.

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