If the child asks: "How to draw a cat?"

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Drawing is a very useful activity for a child. If the kid draws every day, then over time, he creates such valuable qualities of character, as planning the stages of work, patience, attention and accuracy.

The first drawings of her child, my mother keeps allLife together with its tiny memorable little things or fingerprints and feet. First, the kid, who took a pencil in his hand, gets only uneven lines, then circles. Gradually, he begins to pile on each other, and they approach the image of the head, arms, legs. Child psychologists call these creatures "cephalopods", and they are the first typical image of a person. Gradually, if the child does not give up his painting classes, and the parents support and praise, the pictures will acquire a clear, coherent character and aesthetic, and maybe even artistic, value.

In addition, pictures of a child under six canreveal the inner world of the child to parents and a psychologist. There is a lot of special literature that will help you understand the graphic and color symbols of a child's work. They can tell an attentive and thoughtful researcher about the sorrows, joys, fears and attachments of a little man, who often has not such a simple and cloudless childhood.

Parents can draw with the child. For example, you can show him how to draw a cat. This does not require the adult skills of the artist.

Before you draw a cat, you need to choose,than to depict it and on what. How about a white cat on colored cardboard? You can paint, pencils or wax crayons. If you use the lateral side of the chalk for drawing, you will get a wide line, if you use the point - thin.

It is better to show the child how to draw a cat,step by step. To do this, you need to divide the entire drawing process into parts. First, draw a white chalk with two triangular ear, under which then draw an oval head, draw the muzzle from below. Black needs to draw eyes, mouth and nose. For the eye, you first need to draw a circle, and then around it three triangles from different sides. In the middle it is necessary to represent the pupil in the form of a black pointed oval on both sides, and on it a white highlight in the form of a dot. Eyes should be painted with green and yellow crayons.

To draw a cat fluffy, you need a drya rag or fingers to grind the lines of drawing, which painted the body and coat of a cat, except for muzzle, eyes and ears. Pink draw the inside of the ears, nose and slightly at the mouth and eyes.

One child likes to draw plants, flowers,others like to portray little houses and little men. Boys usually specialists in cars and other equipment, especially military, and girls - for fashionable clothes and makeup.

If the child is seriously involved in drawing, then thiscan become his future specialty. After studying in an art school, you can get a specialty of a designer, architect or artist, enrolled in the relevant institution. And, of course, the ability to draw is always useful in life. For example, if a girl is good at drawing, she knows how to draw a cat on her nails. You can get a funny author's manicure, a teenage version.

Today unusual drawings on nails have gotan unprecedented popularity. With the help of nail design, you can add the image to the desired stroke, accent or simply make the ordinary daily image more interesting, diverse.

For nail painting the followingmaterials: varnishes of various colors and textures (matte, glossy), a set of water-acrylic paints, colored powder, sequins. Apply the pattern with brushes of different size and quality, with chopsticks and needles.

Of course, in order to accurately create complexartistic compositions on the nails, you need to have sufficient qualifications. But when mastering the simplest skills, you can try to do it yourself.

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