Richard Madden is Robb Stark. The actor who played Robbie Stark in "The Game of Thrones"

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One of the main advantages of the sensational series"Game of Thrones" - charismatic characters, to which number belongs and Robb Stark. Actor Richard Madden has acquired a star status precisely thanks to the filming in this TV project, which became a "trip to life" for many novice artists. What is known about the Young Wolf and the man who embodied this vivid image?

Robb Stark: the biography of the actor

Richard Madden was born in Scotland. It happened in June 1986. The family of the future Robb Stark was not connected with the world of cinema. His mother taught at school, his father worked in the fire department. The boy turned 11 when he became interested in the theater. Courses of acting were advised him to visit a friend of the family, since Richard in those years suffered from excessive shyness. Of course, the school that worked at the Paisley Arts Center helped him to cope with this problem.

Robb Stark Actor

What was the first role that playedthe future Robb Stark? The actor first hit the set in 1999, as he liked the producers of the movie "Partners." His story was borrowed from the novel of the same name by Ian Banks. Of course, the role he played in this dramatic thriller was episodic. However, she helped Richard overcome his fear of the camera.

First achievements

In what other films and serials did he star in "Gamesthrones "future Robb Stark? The actor after the release of "Partners" has established itself in his intention to connect life with the world of cinema. He began to actively attend various castings, trying on themselves are not similar to each other images. The next teleproject with his participation - "Foamy Boomerang Aunt", focused on the children's audience. In this series, Richard in 1999 received one of the key roles. He embodied the image of Sebastian Simpkins.

game of thrones Robb Stark actor

After filming in a teleproject, Madden decided to devotesome time to self-improvement. Richard settled in Glasgow, became a student of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. In parallel, the young actor began to play in the theater. To draw attention to the future star of the "Game of Thrones" was helped by the image of Tom's simpleton. This character he played in the play "Fool".

It is thanks to this role about him learnedrepresentatives of the famous Moscow theater "Globe". Romeo - the first character who played in this theater "Robb Stark". The actor decorated with his presence the legendary Shakespearean production. His game was appreciated critically. Then followed the shooting in the pictures "Hope Springs", "Chat", "Living through Bob", "Sirens".

"Game of Thrones"

The character, the image of which was embodied by Richard Madden incult series "The Game of Thrones", - Robb Stark. The actor was approved for this role in 2010, successfully bypassing numerous contenders. It is known that prior to the passage of the casting Richard was not familiar with the saga of George Martin "Song of ice and flame", the plot of which formed the basis for film adaptation. Later he became acquainted with the chapters in which his character appears. The first season of the "Game of Thrones" was presented to the audience in early 2011. Richard Madden appeared in the first series of the TV project.

Robb Stark Actor Photo

Of course, the audience could not help liking the brave and noble Robb Stark. The actor, whose name was known only to a narrow circle of people, instantly became a star.

The fate of the character

Robb Stark - the old legal son of Eddard Stark,who after the death of his father becomes Lord Winterfell. Wanting to avenge the death of a parent killed by the order of King Geoffrey, the hero assembles an army and declares the separation of his lands, previously part of the fantastic kingdom of Vasteras. The subjects proclaim Robb King, give him the nickname Young Wolf.

Robb Stark actor name

Unfortunately, the fate of the character istragic. The young lord wins one battle after another, but admits a number of serious political mistakes due to his inexperience. As a result, he and his mother are victims of betrayal of their own vassals. They die at the end of the third season. The "Red Wedding" series, in which Robb Stark is treacherously murdered, produced a shocking impression on the numerous admirers of the charming character.

After the "Game of Thrones"

What other roles did Robb Starck play? The actor, whose photo can be seen in this article, after the "Game of Thrones" received a lot of interesting proposals. For example, it can be seen in the picture "Cinderella". In this fantastic melodrama Madden embodied the image of a beautiful prince. Richard laughingly tells that for the sake of the role he had to get rid of his usual beard, which he still misses. He was also forced to straighten his hair, start taking dance and singing lessons.

Robb Stark biography

The drama "Lady LoverChatterley ", in which Richard embodied one of the key images. His character is a huntsman who, by the will of fate, became the lover of a noble lady. The fans of the actor and the series "Klondike", devoted to the hard life of treasure hunters in the era of the "Gold Rush", deserve attention. Finally, Madden can be seen in the TV project "Bird's Song", in which his hero was the brave captain Michael Vair.

Personal life

Of course, fans of the actor are interested inthe girls with whom "Robb Stark" met. Biography of the young man shows that his relationship with actress Jana Coleman lasted longer, which embodied the image of Clara Oswald in the famous TV series "Doctor Who". There were rumors that lovers were engaged. Unfortunately, the beautiful pair has recently disintegrated, the reasons for their separation have remained off-screen. At the moment, Richard's heart is free. Priority for him is still professional activity.

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