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Cheburashka is a very popular character yet.Soviet Union, this is the hero of all the beloved cartoon about the crocodile Gen. Cheburashka was even a contender for the symbol of the Olympic Games in 2014, which took place in Sochi.

This character was invented in 1966 by the Sovietwriter Eduard Uspensky. Cheburashka is not only a book, but also a cartoon character. A sweet creature with big ears and a good heart quickly fell in love not only with children, but with their parents. The history of the animal is connected with the distant islands, from which Cheburashka accidentally fell into the city, falling asleep in a box with oranges. The seller of the fruit store and gave the beast this fanciful name.

Many character lovers are wondering about thehow to draw a Cheburashka pencil. Drawing is a great way to show your creative nature, develop imagination, cheer up, spend time. Cheburashka, drawn in pencil, can subsequently be painted with gouache or paints, pencils or children's crayons.

So, let's get down to the description. How to draw Cheburashka, step by step you will tell this article. In it, we will try to describe in more detail and more clearly the entire process of depicting your favorite hero. Before you draw Cheburashka, take a blank sheet of heavy paper, a pencil and an eraser just in case.


How to draw Cheburashka

It is necessary to start any drawing with sketches, that is, you need to measure the parameters of the head and trunk, estimate how far from the edges of the sheet the image of the hero will be.

Cheburashka is a character with big ears, sowe will try to take into account their size in the sketch of the head. Not only at the expense of ears, but also in its shape, the head of Cheburashka is oval. Draw a large oval, in it we place the head of the character and ears.

The animal's body is small and oblong. We draw a sketch directly under the sketch of the head, as shown in the figure above.

The sketch is ready, although it does not even remotely resemble Cheburashka. Let's go directly to the picture.


how to draw cheburashku pencil

Let's try to depict all the necessary contours. How to draw Cheburashka in a sketch, look at the picture above. In the upper oval we place the hero's head and two large round ears. How to draw Cheburashka without ears, if this is the hallmark of this character? In the lower oblong oval we place the trunk of our character. The paws should also fit in it completely. If something went wrong, then erase the unwanted line with an eraser and try again. The contours of Cheburashka are ready. Now let's move on to the details.


cheburashka drawn in pencil

First of all, it is necessary to erase unnecessary lines,which were our procurement. Next, you need to draw some details, namely a speck on the chest, the location of the eyes and face. The Cheburashka's muzzle is slightly smaller than his head, draw it as shown in the picture. Breast will be the same color as the muzzle, so it must also be indicated. The eyes of our character are round and big enough, try to draw them even and equal. For this purpose, you can use a compass.

Drawing muzzle

How to draw Cheburashka in stages

However it may be sad, but the muzzle atCheburashki is always sad, so the smile of the character will be mirrored. That is, the corners of the mouth will be lowered, not raised. The pupils of Cheburashka in our figure are directed upwards. Eyebrows at the edges are down. The nose of the character is triangular in shape. A small isosceles triangle will be a suitable nose for Cheburashka.

Painting a picture

How to draw Cheburashka, we have already figured out, it remains to learn how to paint it.

how to draw cheburashka

We have already talked about what you can paint our drawing, the choice is always left for the artist.

Let's try to figure out the color of the animal. Cheburashka is a brown fluffy creature with a lighter muzzle and breast and a funny triangular nose. Ears, head, trunk and paws should be dyed brown, while excluding the breast and muzzle, which we previously identified with contours. They can be colored yellow or orange. Then proceed to the details. The eyes of Cheburashka have black pupils, which need to be completely painted over. Eyebrows and a nose are also black, but they can be painted in dark gray. The final stroke should be around the outline of the mouth pink or red.

At will and discretion, you can draw a background. It can be absolutely anything, for example you can use your favorite color.

It's time to look at our finished drawing. I have no doubt that you did it very well. You can hang a new drawing on the wall or give it to someone. Your efforts were not spent in vain, you got a great job. Next time you can try to draw Cheburashka without instructions. In this case, you can show yourself creatively. You can draw a hero with a smile, put it on a warm sweater or tie a bright scarf. Give freedom to your creativity and in no case do not stop there. Ahead you still have many heights, which you will definitely conquer.

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