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In 2013, the screens went to the TV series "Vangelia". The actors involved in the filming of the television film played the roles of both real people and fictional characters. This series is the first artwork dedicated to the famous prophetess. What is true, and what is fiction in the plote the TV series "Vangelia"? Actors and the role of a popular film - the topic of the article.

vangela actors

Alisa Varezhkina

Karina Razumovskaya played a young moviejournalist. Meeting Alice with the Bulgarian prophetess predetermined her fate. In 2000, the submarine Kursk sank. Varezhkina learns about this event from the news release. And suddenly he remembers that Vanga once referred to the terrible tragedy. One of the lines in the story is the journalist's memories of the conversation with the famous healer. The main one is still the description of Vanga's life.

Scenario Features

A story about the life of a Bulgarian healer whobecame the basis of the plot of the series, allows you to differently assess the amazing phenomenon of Vanga. The time of this film is 1911-2002. In the last series we are talking about the events that occurred after the death of the prophetess. But it is worth saying that the picture tells not only about Wang. It also shows some important historical events of the twentieth century. A lot of really existing personalities are present in the plot of the film "Vangelia". Actors who played historical figures - Igor Livanov, Nikolai Mutafchiev, Vladimir Shcherbakov.

Meeting with Hitler

"Vangelia" is a television series based on both speculation and historical facts. The film depicts the meeting of the main character with Hitler. Was this event really happening?

Before the attack on Greece, Hitler in factwas in Bulgaria. There is an opinion that the Fuhrer made several attempts to involve Wang in cooperation. And many facts indicate that the meeting of these people really took place. Opponents of this version give different reasons. The most weighty of them is based on extreme hatred of Hitler to the representatives of the Slavic peoples. Given the racial hostility and other strangeness of the Fuhrer, it is difficult to imagine that he could seriously take the words of a Bulgarian peasant woman. The role of the most terrible historical figure of the twentieth century in the series was played by Igor Livanov.

vanguela television series

Celebrities and ordinary people

"Vangeline" - a television series dedicated to a woman withuneasy fate. The film has several storylines. An important role is played by the story of Olga Neznamova in the plot of the TV series "Vangelia". Actors who performed the role of fictional characters: Svetlana Kozhemyakina, Valentina Ananyina, Anatoly Bely, Anton Feoktistov.

The series is also interesting in that it meetsmany famous personalities, and the roles of some of them are performed by non-professional actors. For example, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov plays himself. In the series, it is interesting to show Wanga's attitude toward the real living people who really exist. The seer is sincerely compassionate to the people who are in trouble. In this case it is extremely harsh to people known and all revered.

Elena Yakovleva Vangelia


The main character of the series with special attentionrefers to some people. The fate of Olga Neznamova, for example, is closely intertwined with the life of Vanga. Olga and her husband are in Bulgaria. Their lives are full of dangers, but both of them seem to be under constant protection of Vanga.

Of special attention, of course, are worthy of the actresses who played the prophetesses at different stages of life.

irina rahmanova


The role of the prophetess in old age playsElena Yakovleva. "Vangalia" is a series that begins with events taking place in the late nineties. The main thread of the story is the story of the Bulgarian healer. The image of Vanga on the screen was created by several actresses.

The role of the heroine in adolescence was played by NataliaNikolaeva. In his youth - Irina Rakhmanova. In the filmography of this actress there are thirty-four roles. But the most famous heroine of Rakhmanova is Vanga and Snow White from the 9th Company.

It turned out to be a challenge for filmmakersfind an actress for the role of elderly Vanga. The fact is that the church today does not recognize the prophetess. The actresses who received the offer to participate in the shootings, first of all, consulted with their confessors. The proposal from the director was received by Rimma Markova. However, the confessor to the People's Artiste forbade even thinking about such a film work.

Inna Churikova followed a different point of view. Vanga only brought good to people. So, creating her image on the screen can not be a sin. The actress agreed to withdraw, but shortly before filming was injured. When Elena Yakovleva took part in the samples, the creators of the show realized that they could not find the best performer of the main role. The actress, unlike her colleagues, was not frightened of the role of the prophetess. There is an opinion that Vanga forbade filmmakers to create a picture of their life. And the one who disobeys, promised to severely punish. But that in the history of Vanga is true, and that the legend, today nobody knows.

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