The art of drawing: how to draw a kitten by cells

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An exciting activity that has a calming effectaction on a person is drawing in a notebook. In addition, such an exercise develops fine motor skills and improves memory. Let's consider ways how to draw a kitten on cells.

Features of this type of drawing

The main difference of this art is inthe fact that the cells need to be painted in a certain sequence or by example, while not forgetting to count the necessary number of cells and correctly prop up the color palette.

For example, when choosing how to draw a kitten by cells, you should first determine the complexity of the scheme and the appropriate color scheme.

how to draw a kitty kitten

The easiest way to draw with colored pencils and markers and use a scheme for embroidering a cross.

Stages of drawing

Consider successively the main stages of how to draw a kitten by cells independently, without having a circuit at hand:

  • Initially, you should select a place on the sheet where the ears will start, then count a few cells to the right, down and to the left. The distance between the ears should not be less than four cells.
  • A big part is how to draw a cute kittenby the cells, the eyes play. For their image, it is necessary to step back from the middle of the ear to the muzzle - this will be the upper point of the eye. From it, indent three cells down and draw a line two squares in the side, then join with a slight rounding up. The shape of the eye is ready, in order to give it more brightness and expressiveness, it is necessary to draw a small oval in the pupil - a kind of flare. We also represent the second eye.
  • Between the eyes we place a triangular nose, which can also be supplemented with a glare. Just below it, add a mouth to 1-3 cells.
  • To finish the oval of the muzzle, you need to retreat from the ear four cells down and one to the left.
  • On the cheeks, we select several points from which the antennae are drawn.
  • Draw paws with three fingers on each. Fingers occupy two horizontal and vertical cells. At the end of the line, the claws are rounded and added.
  • The final touch is the image of the tail of any shape.

how to draw a kitty kitten
If desired, you can make a more complex drawing by drawing a bowl of a kitten or adding additional attributes.

Types of this art

The easiest way to use a scheme for embroidery, which is gradually transferred to a sheet of paper - for a simple scheme will be enough one leaf, more complex are made out on special paper.

In the question of how to draw a kitten by cells, a scheme from Japanese crossword puzzles will help. After training your hand and using your imagination, you can take on the design of independent schemes.

how to draw a kitty kitten

A great popularity recently acquiredsuch a character as Simon's cat, whose image schemes exist a great many. They depict the active activity of the character - he sleeps, eats, hunts and breaks everything in his path.

how to draw kitten pictures on kittens

In general, the main nuances of the fact,how to draw pictures on cells. It will not take much time to depict a kitten, it will not take long. And at the output you will get a beautiful drawing with a nice character.

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