How to draw? The character: the instruction on creation of the unique hero

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Search for an image of the character is an interesting andresponsible occupation, especially for those who are just beginning the path of the artist. This is an instruction for those who have only an image in their heads that they want to draw. Your character is created in several stages. It is better, if each of them you will write on paper.

So, how to draw a character in stages?

Step 1. Common features

It is necessary to determine the gender, age, date of birth and the genus of the hero's activity.

First of all, it is necessary to decide who we wantto draw. "Your character" can be either a five-year-old girl or a seventy-year old man. Determined with gender, remember the notion of social education, as well as gender reaction to the hero. In addition, there are purely feminine traits that are not characteristic of the male population.

draw your character

Stage 2. Appearance of the character

At this stage, you need to determine the external appearance of the character: eye and hair color, hair style, height, weight, physique, attire.

The color of the eyes and hair is a very delicate matter. But most artists advise choosing the color of hair, depending on the nature of the activity and the intended nature, and the eyes make contrasting or, conversely, similar in color to the hair.

If the height and weight are within normal limits, then they do not play a special role.

Stage 3. Character of the character

Character character is better to start with temperament:what will be the hero we want to draw? "Your character" can be a bright and energetic choleric, constantly hovering in the clouds a melancholic, calm phlegmatic or a balanced sanguine person. After this, it is necessary to work out the positive and negative features of the character's character.

how to draw a character in stages

As a result, we have a holistic image that is easy to draw. Your character will be more alive and original if you take care of every detail of his image.

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