How to draw a family tree: practical tips

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In prerevolutionary Russia (and in mostcivilized countries) it was decided to study the history of their family. Of course, the nobility had their own traditions. It was not uncommon for the huge genealogical trees painted in the halls of family palaces. But in ordinary families, as a rule, children were told about who their relatives were (both the nearest and the longest ones). But in the Soviet Union, they held the view that the son should not answer for his father. Yes, and the famous item number 5 in the questionnaires (nationality), many people have spoiled their nerves. And the presence among the ancestors of noble people and with loud surnames and did become the reason for refusal to admit a non-prestigious job or in admission to an elite university. Therefore, in our country for many years forgotten about what genealogy is. But today everything has changed! Many people are beginning to be interested in the question of how to draw a family tree. You can do this in many ways. Then - about them!

How to draw a family tree: the simplest options

If you, for example, want to tell a storyfamily to the kid, it is not necessary to delve into the historical jungle. It is clear that a kindergartener or a junior schoolboy will simply not understand why he should consider his relative a great-grandfather, who lived in times immemorial.

how to draw a family tree

It is better to start with the simplest scheme in whichthose relatives who the kid knows (usually parents, brothers / sisters, grandfathers and grandmothers) will be "involved". You can draw a schematic tree together with it, brightly paint it (with pencils or paints). You can draw both on the album sheet, and on the paper. Details are not so important! You can confine yourself to the trunk, the crown, the minimum of twigs, and then paste photos of family members with signatures (for example: "Grandpa Vanya, Papa's Daddy", "Grandma Galya, Mama's Mother"). The main thing is that in the process you had fun! You can tell some stories from childhood that will be available to understand the child. A warm and benevolent atmosphere when composing such a "masterpiece of genealogy" will remain in the memory of the child. Perhaps by becoming older, he will want to go deeper into the family history.

A child of about 10 years old canshow how to draw a family tree with a pencil at a more "professional" level. Here it will be necessary to decide beforehand what the tree will be like (an oak, an apple tree or, for example, a maple tree). Then it should be determined how many relatives (and how) will "settle" on the tree. Maybe the photos will be pasted inside apples or cherries? Or will the name plates be neatly drawn on the crown?

How to draw a family tree: more complex options

If you seriously decide to understand the historyhis family, then the preparation for visualization of the family tree will be more significant. To begin with, you will need to collect as much information as possible about your next of kin. To draw a tree family tree, you may have to dig into special databases, as well as visit the archives in your city, write queries in writing and send them to other cities or even countries.

how to draw a family tree with a pencil

It must be understood that this processlabour intensive. By the way, requests must be made correctly. If you want to not just practice how to draw a family tree, but also to do it qualitatively, you should approach the matter responsibly! Do not write something like: "I'm Peter Ivanov, somewhere in Russia I have many relatives, but I do not know them. Do yourself a favor, find their data! "It is more correct to make individual inquiries on the facts that interest you. For example, if you want to find out what was your grandmother's maiden name, you should send a request to the authority where she registered the marriage with her great-grandfather, indicating the year of the event and the data known to you. For example: "I ask you to make an extract on the fact of the marriage of a citizen Ivan Sidorov (born in 1930) and a citizen of Anna Ivanovna (born in 1932), her maiden name is unknown. The painting was held in 1950 in the village of Makeevo. "

draw a family tree

Also you can scan old family photos - they will make the tree more visual and informative.

When all available information is collected, we must decide how to draw a family tree - in pencil, paints, create a collage using a computer, etc. I wish you success!

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