Unknown artist: is it worth it to look for?

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The term "unknown performer" for eachman can be his own. For someone who does not know much about music, it can be a pretty untwisted composition, just listening to it does not know the singer's name or the band's name. For another, an unknown performer is a tune that is rarely sung in a rental, so to find out who is playing it and who is the author, you need to search the Internet for specialized websites.

Unknown artist

But there are works that reallyit is not clear who were invented. Most often, an unknown performer in this case is a representative of the author's song and rap culture. And among such compositions there are, indeed, worthy of a large stage and multimillion-dollar hire. They just invented them in order to please friends, relatives, loved ones. Or an unknown artist tried to try his hand at musical art. For the sake of interest he took the guitar, composed a verse, picked up the melody - and that left quite an interesting composition, which many years later forced someone to stop their attention on it. Today on the Internet you can meet songs of unknown performers, recorded back in Soviet times on a reel tape recorder. I gathered, for example, a company of friends somewhere in the courtyard in the vast expanses of our country, sat on a bench with girls, and one of them, to surprise the opposite sex and impress the ladies, took and sang the song to the guitar. And someone from friends for the sake of a joke recorded it on film.

songs of unknown performers

Many years passed, the guys have matured for a long time,now they have their own children who like to experiment with electronic devices. Here, maybe, it turned out that the record was not demagnetized (they listened to it sometimes for the sake of a joke). But since the film - a short-lived thing, digitized the recording and threw songs of unknown performers into the network - to listen to friends. And they went for a walk in the virtual spaces. Find out exactly who and when it sang, it is almost impossible now, or there is a very small probability.

unknown performers

And the unknown performer, really, composeda unique composition, because he sang it for the soul and with all his heart, and this melody became popular in social networks. Of course, anyone can say that this is his tune and his poems, but will this be true? It may just be that this one wants to undeservedly buy in the rays of glory. But is it so important who invented the composition many years ago? After all, if the song is good, people like it no matter who composed it. By analogy, you can remember about Russian folk songs and fairy tales. They were also first invented by some unknown performers, but in the history there were no traces left. The works themselves began to live forever. So with this song, which someone came up with in Soviet times, the same thing can happen. She will continue to live in the virtual space, in MP3 players and mobile phones of her fans and will turn into a popular one.

And with a high degree of probability there will be producers or performers who want to make a remix of it and will present the listeners in an updated form in the hope that it will also win their hearts.

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