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Variety music did not know the more talentedman, rather than Magomayev Muslim. The biography of this wonderful artist is very bright and interesting. The main events from the life of the great performer will be told below.

biography of Muslim Magomayev

Muslim Magomaev. Biography

The reason for the death of the singer, as it was later said inall newspapers and news, is coronary heart disease. He died in 2008, October 25, and 4 days later he was buried in Baku, on the Alley of Honor. Magomayev's grave is next to the grave of his grandfather, also a great artist-conductor and composer.

Father Muslim was an artist, and his mother -dramatic actress. As you can see, the whole family was very creative, so it is not surprising that the biography of Muslim Magomayev is entirely connected with the stage.

He was born on August 17, 1942 in the city of Baku. His maternal grandmother was half Russian. Speaking of his nationality, Magomayev asserted that Azerbaijan is his "father" and Russia is "mother". And this is true: he loved both countries equally.

Mohammed Muslim biography
Biography of Muslim Magomayev is very curious, althoughhis way to fame can not be called thorny. But it was not without complications. His father was killed at the front, and his mother left her son in the care of her uncle after the war. Muslim studied at the conservatory school. There the talent of the boy was noticed by the teacher in the class of cello. V.T. Anshelevich began to give Magomaev a vocal lesson. And when he was 15 years old, the debut performance of the beginning artist was held secretly from the family in the Baku House of Culture.

After the 10th grade, he entered the music school.As a 20-year-old boy, he became famous. Muslim Magomayev spoke at the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, and after that the entire Soviet Union knew him. His voice won everyone: ordinary listeners, professional musicians, party figures, and country leaders.

Biography of Muslim Magomayev developed verysuccessfully. A year later, he performed at the Moscow Conservatory. Was a real sold-out! Magomayev skillfully combined in his performances the performance of both classical works (Mozart, Hegel, Bach) and pop songs.

Muslim Magomayev biography cause of death

In those years, the artist actively toured throughout the Soviet Union. Recognition he received not only from us, but also in Cannes (Golden Record award), and in France (Olimpia), and in the US and Poland.

At the age of 31, Magomayev became a people'sartist of the USSR. He took part in all the "Blue Lights". His work was also liked by Khrushchev, Brezhnev, and Andropov. People's love did not fade in the 90's, when the newly-made "stars" began to appear after the collapse of the USSR. However, when he was 56 years old, he decided to stop the concert activity, although his voice was still very strong and clean.

The last years of his life the artist spent in MoscowTogether with his wife (the famous opera singer) Tamara Sinyavskaya. In addition to singing, Magomayev was very fond of painting, writing various essays, playing the piano. Everything was good for him, but what he did not touch vocal performance, he called only his "hobby."

Such is the biography of Muslim Magomayev - the great Russian and Azerbaijani artist.

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