How to draw an autumn tree in stages

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What can be more beautiful than nature?Juicy spring greens, bizarre snow-covered branches, crimson autumn leaves ... Nature attracts, probably, everyone, and many would like to try to depict at least a piece of nature on paper. However, not everyone can be artists and paint complex landscapes. Someone would very much like to learn to represent at least one tree, not to mention something more complicated. It is for people who really want to, but can not draw, this lesson is intended. From the article you will learn how to draw an autumn tree in stages, getting from the process and the result a great pleasure. This master class will help you not only draw a picture, but also learn how to see the right lines, build them, and therefore help you to further depict the real landscape.

how to draw an autumn tree

How to draw an autumn tree

So, let's get down to our master class. Take a sheet of paper, simple and colored pencils, an eraser and repeat step by step!

Step 1-st. Draw the trunk

Let's start with the trunk.Do not know how to draw a tree trunk? It's very simple! Draw two parallel lines at a rather impressive distance (unless you are going to picture the birch). Strokes indicate the root of the tree. Then the trunk must move into broad branches. Look at the picture below, they look like snakes, paint on your sheet of paper the same.

how to draw an autumn tree

Step 2-nd. Extrude the branches

Now we detail our branches.Add small, thin shoots to make the tree more natural, not like the baby's drawing. If you do not know how to draw a tree branch correctly, look at the picture below. Remember the rule: branches should not be duplicated, include fantasy and do not draw mirror-like copies. In addition, to achieve a small 3D effect, draw some branches more clearly, and some, on the contrary, only mark with hatching.

how to draw a tree branch

Step 3-nd. Cortical effect

How to draw an autumn tree natural?Add the subtle lines on the trunk and on the branches. They should not be perfectly even, on the contrary, the lines should create a cortical effect. In some places, make "islands", as shown in the figure below.

how to draw a tree trunk

Step 4-th. Add color

Now it's time to add colors to your tree. In deep brown-red color, draw the lines that you sketched in the previous step.

pencil tree

Step 5-th. Colorize

Paint the rest of the tree with a light brown pencil. Make sure that all your lines have the same direction!

wood to draw

Step 6-th. Let's make a 3D image

Now let's start applying the shadows.On the contour of the tree in a medium brown pencil draw the shadows to make the image look larger. If you have never dealt with the shadows in the picture, look at how it is done in the picture below.

autumn tree with pencils

Step 7-th. We are growing the tree

If you want, you can make your tree "older". To do this, take a dark brown pencil, paint the red-brown areas and make the shadows deeper.


Step 8th. Autumn

So we got to the last step in the storyabout how to draw an autumn tree. It remains to add small yellow leaves. Draw miniature leaves and color them with yellow-orange and reddish pencils to thin twigs.

tree in stages

Now you know how to draw an autumn tree. We wish you success in your future endeavors!

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