Adele: biography of the singer, who did not believe in herself

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Adele is a singer from the United Kingdom,talent managed to conquer the whole world. She is a welcome guest all over the planet, her songs are constantly broadcast by radio stations, and the pictures are published on the front pages of the world's leading magazines. However, the singer herself never thought that her musical career will develop in this way. Initially, she worked in a genre that did not fit into the existing rules of show business.

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Adele, whose biography is known to all of herfans, was born in Tottenham, a troubled area of ​​London, where a large number of bandit groups are concentrated and often there is unrest. It was here that the family of the future singer lived, who did not have the opportunity to rent a house in another, more prosperous area of ​​the city.

Strange, but Adele, whose biography is publishedpractically in all glossy magazines of the planet, does not like to spread about his family. It is known only that her father left the family as soon as the girl was three years old. However, the singer is grateful to him for the most valuable thing that he left - these are the records of Ella Fitzgerald. The prodigal father returned only when the singer became successful in the UK, and music critics started talking about her seriously. It is known that at that time in some mass media there were published interviews of the father of the girl, to which Adel herself reacted most negatively. The singer noted that her father had no right to talk about her life.

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The only close people in the life of the singerwere the grandfather and mother, who from a small age supported her desire to sing songs. In some media there was information that for the first time Adele sang a song at one of the school plays. The girl chose the composition "Rise".

Singer Adele, whose biography is full of light anddark spots, being a baby, amazed those around with strong vocal cords and a wide vocal range. All the friends told her that she was on the stage, but the girl believed that with a figure like hers (at that time she weighed 134 kilograms), you can not dream about a stage.

In spite of everything, Adel, at the insistence of his relatives andfriends, went to the school of performing arts in London. The listening was superb, and Adele, whose biography is modestly silent about how the girl conquered the teachers, began to learn the vocals and music of the leading teachers of Great Britain.

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In 2006, Adele recorded severaldemo versions of their own compositions. The singer's friends published them in the social service MySpace, and soon they were noticed by the producers of XL Recordings. Adele, whose biography is known to all residents of Britain, was surprised by the call from the label's representatives. Soon the producers seriously took up the promotion of the singer, so popularity came to her. Now the girl is preparing material for the third album, which, according to the singer, will be radically different from what she did before. In the very near future, Adele intends to marry, but she carefully conceals the name of her husband, not wanting to talk about it ahead of time.

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