Aznavour Charles: biography, creativity and the best songs of the French chansonnier

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Charles Aznavour has long been recognized throughout the worldthe best variety performer of the last century. Chansonier performs his own works, and also composes songs for other singers. In total, there are about a thousand song compositions created by Aznavour. Discs with its records are issued worldwide millions of copies. Charles Aznavour, whose songs are heard in many languages, continues to attract the attention of a large number of fans.

Aznavour Charles

Sad Piero

All the song creativity of the artist is permeated with an auralight sadness. Almost all of Aznavour's works are devoted to the theme of love and spiritual experiences. Even at the beginning of his creative life, he noticed that people are always interested in lyrical works based on sadness and melancholy, touching the soul and making the heart tremble. Due to his musical tastes, to which Aznavour remains faithful for more than sixty years, he was firmly entrenched in the image of a romantic and sad Pierrot.

This year on May 22 the famous singerit is 90 years old. Charles Aznavour, whose biography began so long ago, met his jubilee on the Berlin stage with a special program "The Legend Returns." A week before his birthday Aznavour sang in Yerevan on the square bearing his name.

The most famous French Armenian

Shahnur Azavuryan (real name of chansonnier) - sonArmenian emigrants forced to leave their homeland in 1915, fleeing from the Armenian genocide. In the French manner, the boy soon began to be called Charles.

Aznavour's parents were artists, creativepeople, that is why it was not easy for the family to emigrate. Father opened a small restaurant "Kavkaz" and for several years tried to keep in the role of an entrepreneur, although he did not do it very well. Aznavour's mother, a theater actress, was forced to become a seamstress.

Charles Aznavour biography
The Aznavourian family lived hard, but in a house wherealways reigned peace and harmony, the atmosphere was filled with music, poetry, theater. It is not surprising that little Charles already at the age of five appeared before the audience, playing music on the violin. Becoming slightly older, he danced Russian folk dances on stage and sang in the church choir.

Hard acting bread

The acting debut took place when Aznavour wasonly thirteen years - he had the responsible role of King Henry IV as a child. For many years, the actor vegetated in second roles in small tabloid theaters, sang in provincial cinemas in between films.

And only in 19 years, Aznavour Charles daredto perform on the big stage. Unfortunately, there was a complete failure. The audience did not accept a small, puny person who does not differ in special vocal data. He was booed by a ruthless public, and critics advised him to choose another occupation. But Charles did not think more of his life without music, so he still continued to do it.

Meeting with the Muse

Charles Aznavour the singer
Charles Aznavour and Edith Piaf met in 1946year. Their meeting determined the further creative destiny of the artist. The singer was very affectionate towards the young man, helping and supporting him in every possible way. Aznavour has become for her an indispensable assistant, acting in the role of entertainer, secretary, personal driver and kind friend. In the repertoire of Piaf was the song of Charles "Jezebel" (Isabel), which enjoyed constant success with the public.

Great Edith was able to see for a modestappearance of the artist his rich inner world, great talent and creative charisma. She inspired Aznavour and became for him a real teacher, a master, having managed to convey to him his vision of the song and a special creative perception.

Their relationship itself chansonnier called "sweetslavery ", which lasted about eight years. Thanks to this, Aznavour was formed as an independent and strong personality, becoming a full-fledged creator and performer of songs about loneliness and unrequited love.

Finally came the success

Very soon the artist came to great glory. In 1954, Aznavour conquered the hearts of American listeners with the song "My life" (Sur ma vie). Subsequently, it was performed for many years by the famous French singer Joe Dassin, making his business card. During this period, the surname Aznavourian lost a small particle, and from now on the artist began to call himself Aznavour Charles. The number of songs written independently reached three dozen, and he did not stop there.

Charles Aznavour, singer and composer, also successfullymastered the profession of a film actor, first played in 1955. His fame and recognition brought him the role of a cabaret pianist in the French director François Truffaut's film "Shoot the Pianist." In the future, Aznavour has repeatedly starred in leading directors Jean Cocteau, Claude Chabrol, Volker Schlendorf.

Charles Aznavour Songs

In 1983, Charles Aznavour, a biography in the cinemawho was already rich enough, brilliantly played in the film by Claude Lelouch "Edith and Marcel". The role became special for the artist, because it was the love story of Edith Piaf and Marcel Sedana.

In the early 60's the artist had a great success inNew York, performing with songs in the famous "Carnegie Hall." The audience listened, forgetting about everything, his soft and penetrating voice, singing about the passion and beauty of love. Now Charles Aznavour, whose photo appeared on the covers of numerous magazines and envelopes with records, began to be called the singer of the French blues. His work was compared to the famous American singer, romanticist Frank Sinatra.

Aznavour Charles continued to create songs, manyfrom which became the hit: "Sa jeunesse" ("This youth"), "Apres l" amour "(" After love ")," Parce que "(" Because ")," Mourir d "aimer" ("Die from love ").

The sweet burden of glory

Charles Aznavour and Edith Piaf
1965 in Paris was marked by a successfulthe premiere of the operetta Monsieur Carnaval ("Monsieur Carnaval"), written by Charles Aznavour. In the same year, the singer gave solo concerts for two months in a row, performing together with the orchestra conducted by Paul Maria. And again, the continued success. Glory and popularity have always been where Aznavour came. Charles was grateful to his fate, always remaining at the same time a gentle, modest and reserved person.

The artist's popularity was constantly growing. This was facilitated by regular performances, tours, recording of new albums. In 1973, in London, Charles Aznavour's song "She" ("She") received gold and platinum discs. The event for those times is unheard of, because never before such high awards were not appropriated to the French.

In 1981 the new album "Charles Aznavour chanteDimey "became a kind of result of the forty-year creative activity of the famous singer and composer. The next album of the author's name "Aznavour" saw the world in 1986.

One of the most famous songs in Russiacomposer was "Une Vie D" Amour ", written by the author for the cult film" Teheran 43 "(directors Alov and Naumov) .At the concerts of Charles Aznavour and Mireille Mathieu many times performed this song as a duet, and always the audience asked repeat it for an encore.

Charles Aznavour and Mireille Mathieu

Armenia is my love

He always remembers his Armenian roots and always keeps in touch with his historical homeland.

In 1988 Charles Aznavour after the ArmenianThe earthquake was one of the first to come to the aid of his fellow countrymen. He became the organizer of the disaster relief fund, which later grew into the Aznavour and Armenia association. He constantly participates in the construction of schools for Armenian children. Now the chansonnier is the Armenian Ambassador to Switzerland and represents his homeland at the UN headquarters.

Under the roof of the house

Aznavour was never famous for scandals, his lifealways hidden from prying eyes. The artist was three times married, although he never had the glory of a ladies' man. From the first marriage, Aznavour has an adult daughter, who is already 67 years old. With the current wife, Swedish Ulla Tursel, the singer will soon celebrate the golden wedding.

By his own admission, it is love forthe woman allowed Aznavour to experience the happiest and most dramatic moments. The marriage with Ulla completely changed his life. Three children were born and grew up: a daughter Katya and two sons: Misha and Nikolya. Since 1977, Aznavour and his family settled in Switzerland.

Charles Aznavour photo

90 years of life full of creativity

To the present jubilee of the great chansonnier in Francewas released a complete collection of his albums, recorded on 32 discs. It contains all the author's entries since 1948. Charles Aznavour is still full of strength and energy. He is writing a new album, which will be called "Nostalgia".

To the multitude of his brilliant abilities, CharlesAznavour added also the talent of the writer. He writes novels, continues work on his biography, creates notes from his own thoughts, aphorisms and past stories.

According to the great chanson, the capricious muse stillnever left him alone. He constantly creates, being in an eternal search. He draws on life for creativity, which is rooted in the Armenian land. It is from there that his language, songs, musicality. A singer born in France, living in Switzerland, always remains a true patriot of Armenia.

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