Fine art lessons: how to draw a 3D drawing on paper

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Draw a 3D drawing on paper (or, otherwords, three-dimensional image) is quite difficult. Here, the simple ability to "draw a little" will not be enough. But if you are not afraid of difficulties, love art and have spatial thinking, then you will succeed. You need to arm yourself with drawing paper, pencils and an eraser. Today 3D drawing is very popular all over the world, and in order to be inspired, something to peep for your idea and just admire the masterpieces, it's enough to have internet at home.

how to draw 3d drawing on paper

But still, when you start working, you should have a minimal idea of ​​where to start.

What is a 3D drawing?

Such a drawing is an illusion. Theoretically, we understand: all that we see is drawn in one plane. But the human brain reads the information from the picture and conveys to our perception such a picture that we are accustomed to seeing in reality. Man with the help of pencil and paper creates the illusion of volume.

draw 3d drawing on paper

With the help of what such illusion is created?

Such a realistic illusion of volume createsonly a shadow. Even if your drawing is colored, this role will still be performed by it. Making friends with the shadow, you will know how to draw a 3D drawing on paper.

Council for Beginners

Do not go straight for complicated compositions: you will find it difficult to understand. And the failures of many discourage the desire to continue to experiment. Easy 3D drawings on paper will be the right solution. Start with geometric shapes: cube, cone, ball, etc. After you feel that these figures succumb to you, boldly proceed to more complex drawings.

light drawings 3d drawing on paper

How to draw a 3D drawing on paper: an action plan

1. Formulate for yourself what you will draw.

how to draw 3d drawing on paper

2. Draw an approximate sketch on the paper. At this stage, decide on the light source. It will be superfluous to sketch it out schematically. A bit of theory: the closer your object to light - so it will be lighter, and the farther from the source - the darker.

Experienced artists advise making the difference betweendeep shadows and lighter as smooth as possible. This can be achieved by grinding a piece of paper or cotton paper, you can eraser, and you can just finger your finger.

3. Drawing the subject itself, do not throw all your strength on the shadow. It must first be very easy to draw, in order to understand whether it is right or not. Darkening the picture is not a problem, but it will be difficult to remove the shadow. Therefore, it is better not to rush things.

4. How to draw a 3D drawing on paper, if the composition is conceived complex? In this case, ease your life by breaking complex shapes into small parts. In other words, fragment your drawing. Only then will you determine where the shadow will fall and how it will behave with other objects.

Well, here's how to draw a 3D drawing on paper, younow you know. In conclusion, I want to note that such large-scale work can be performed on other materials. The canvas, the wall, and the asphalt will do, but before you go to large sizes, you need to fill your hand with a piece of paper.

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