The series "Hospital of Knickerbocker": actors and roles

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The television series "The Hospital Nickerbocker" - AmericanThe medical drama directed by Stephen Soderbergh. The script for the tape was written by Jack Emiel, Stephen Katz and Michael Begler. Actors of the "Knickerbocker Hospital": Clive Owen, Michael Angarano, Eve Hewson, Eric Johnson, André Holland.

About the TV series

The series "The Hospital of Knickerbocker" was broadcast on the Cinemax channel from August 2014 to December 2015. Dr. Steli Burns was a medical adviser to the film. The story is based on the life story of Dr. Jonathan Tuckerie and other workers at the Nierkerbocker hospital. The action takes place in 1900 in New York.

Actors Hospital of Nickerbocker

At that time, doctors treated patients without antibiotics and without the use of modern equipment. The ambulance carried patients to horse-drawn carriages. And people were sick all the blocks.

Each of the hospital staff has their own secrets andProblems. Chief Surgeon John Tuckery depends on drugs. Algernon Edwards fights against racial attacks. He is the only black employee of the hospital.

The hospital does not have enough funding, the staff is trying hard to find investors. The latter become ill bankers, financiers or shop owners.

The actors of the series "The Knickerbocker Hospital" were shot in the project for two seasons. In total, 20 series were shot.

How did the actors of the TV series "The Hospital Nickerbocker" distribute roles among themselves?

Actors and roles

  • Actor Clive Owen acted as John Tuckery, a surgeon.
  • Actor Eric Johnson starred in the role of Everett Gallinger, a doctor.
  • Michael Angarano played the role of Bertram Chikering, Bertie.
  • Andre Holland acted as Algernon Edwards.
  • Actor Juliet Rylens starred in the role of Cornelia Robertson.
  • In the role of Elkins Lucy starred Yves Hewson.
  • The role of Tom Cleary went to actor Chris Sullivan.
  • The role of Hermann Barrow was performed by Jeremy Bobb.
  • The role of the nurse Harriet was played by actress Kara Seymour.
  • Actress Maya Kazan acted as Eleanor Gallinger.
  • Actor Matt Frewer starred in the role of Jay Christiansen.

actors of the series nickerbocker hospital

Clive Owen - John Tackery

Owen Clive is a famous British movie actor andtheater. He was nominated for an Oscar film prize in 2005 for his role in the film "Intimacy". For the same film, Clive received the Golden Globe and BAFTA awards. The actor has been acting in films since 1987. During this time, 121 films with his participation were released.

Hospital of Knickerbocker

In 2012, the actor was nominated for "Golden Globe" and "Emmy" for his role in the film "Hemingway and Gellhorn." In this film directed by Philip Kaufman Clive played along with Nicole Kidman.

Owen is married to actress Sarah-Jane Fenton. They have two daughters, Eve and Khan.

Eric Johnson - Everett Gallinger

Johnson Eric is an actor from Canada. The most famous of his roles are Detective Callahan in the 2010 television series "Cops-recruits" and Flash Gordon in the "Flash Gordon" series of 2007.

The actor is married to the producer and scriptwriter Adria Budd. They have one child - a daughter named Kella Praore.


The actors of the "Knickerbocker Hospital" successfully implementedscreen idea of ​​Stephen Soderbergh. The television series was equally well received by critics and spectators. When in March 2017 it was announced the closure of the project, many were upset.

Actor "Hospital of Knickerbocker" Clive Owen for the role in the series was awarded the "Golden Globe" in 2015.

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