List of Charles Perrault's tales according to the studies of French literary critics

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Charles Perrault (1628-1703) is known in Russia beforeall their fairy tales. But in France he was mainly during his life a high-ranking official, and fairy tales were for him entertainment, leisure. The list of Charles Perrault's tales was constantly replenished.


Charles Perrault was born in the family of a lawyer whowas opposed to orthodox Catholicism, especially against Jesuitism. But the Catholic family confessed strictly, trying to revive the true spirit of Christ. Charles was the youngest in the family, where apart from him there were two sisters and four brothers. He received a good education and became a lawyer. At the same time, he wrote poetry and poems, made translations of the Aeneid. That is, the craving for literary creativity was inherent in him. Then the writer does not yet know that he will be glorified by folk stories, from which it is now possible to compile a list of Charles Perrault's tales.


An industrious young man works inthe Ministry of Finance, and the syllable of his letters is even noted by King Louis XIV himself. Moreover, in connection with the marriage of the king, and then the birth of the Dauphin, he writes odes. He participates in the birth of the Academy of Fine Arts. Subsequently, Perrault will be accepted into it, will become an academician.

list of fairy tales
But while he does not yet know that he will begin to study folk art, from which a whole list of Charles Perrault's tales will later be compiled.

Fairy tales

In the meantime, interest inancient legends. Charles Perrault joins these trends with great enthusiasm. A whole list of fairy tales is gradually coming out from under his pen. Charles Perrault is somewhat embarrassed - for such tricks he is too serious a man.

Let us recall the well-known "Cinderella" (1697). The poor girl died mother, and her father later married again. Stepmother, loving her two daughters, all the work, especially dirty, instructed the stepdaughter, and really did not allow her to have fun at all. When the king announced that he was inviting all the girls of the kingdom to the ball, the poor thing, of course, they did not take, and they entrusted a lot of work. But after leaving the stepmother with her daughters, the godmother appeared. She was a fairy. The godmother dressed the girl and gave her a carriage and crystal shoes. But I strictly ordered to leave the ball as soon as the appointed time comes.

fairy tales of charles perro list in alphabetical order
The charming beauty was carried away by dances with the prince and at the last minute came to her senses and ran away from the ball, having lost a tiny crystal slipper.
what fairy tales wrote charl perro list
The prince picked this shoe and announced thatmarries the girl, on whose foot this shoe will be put on. The shoe tried on all the girls. Finally, the turn came to Cinderella. To everyone's surprise, the shoe fell into her right. But even more surprising was the fact that Cinderella took a second shoe out of her pocket. The prince peered at Cinderella and recognized the lovely stranger who had fascinated him at the ball. The girl was dressed and taken to the palace, and a few days later they played a wedding. So this fairy fairy tale ends happily, to which it is believed to this day.

Tales continue

What other tales did Charles Perrault write? The list can be continued:

"Puss in Boots";
"Little Red Riding Hood";
"Tom Thumb".

The fairy, who gives everyone "on merit"

This fairy tale is correctly called "Fairy Gifts" andwritten, like everything else, in 1697. There was a widow with two daughters. One was a pouring mother - rough and unfriendly, and the second, younger, seemed to be someone else's. The girl was nice and friendly. But the mother loved the one that looks like her, lazy and rough. The youngest daughter was forced to work hard in the house and still go to a distant spring for water. It was both hard and long. One day, as usual after coming to get water, the girl met a miserable poor old woman there who asked for some water to drink.

fairy tales charles perro list
It was a fairy who wanted to know which onegirls character. With great relish, the girl rinsed the jug, collected clean water and offered the old woman a drink. After drinking water, the old woman said that what a service, this will be a reward. With every word the girl utters, a precious stone or flower will fall from her lips. After that, the fairy retired, and the girl went home, carrying heavy water.

When the girl returned, her mother attacked herwith reproaches for the delay. And the youngest daughter began to make excuses, and after each of her words a diamond or pearl fell out of her mouth. Mother asked what was the matter, and sent the eldest daughter for water. She went with great reluctance, angry at the long way. At the source, she met a richly dressed lady, who asked her for water. Roughly enough, as if regretting the water, the girl handed the pitcher to the lady. Ta, having drunk water (and this was again a fairy, who now took a different look), said that the reward for the water girl will certainly be. And they parted, each in his own way.

Mother was delighted with the appearance of her daughter and became herto ask what was at the well. When the eldest daughter spoke, out of her mouth began to fall asleep toads and snakes. Mother was angry with both daughters, and the younger just kicked her out of the house. Walking through the forest, the girl met the prince, who spoke to her. And when the girl began to answer him, the flowers and precious stones poured from her lips. The prince was amazed both by the beauty and the treasures that she dropped. He firmly decided to marry her and took him to his palace. The wedding and completed the case. And the older daughter became more and more angry every day. And she became so disgusting that her mother kicked her out of the house. Nobody needed it, she died.

These tales of the famous lawyer partly heard in childhood, partly asked the peasants and wrote down. Here's how the tales of Charles Perrault go further (list):

  • "Rick the Cockle" (1697);
  • "The Bluebeard" (1697);
  • "Sleeping Beauty" (1697).

In total, according to the assurances of the French, eight fairy tales were written. Here are listed all the tales of Charles Perrault. The list in alphabetical order is given in the text.

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