Actress Maria Anikanova: biography, career in film and family

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Our heroine of today is young and successfulactress Maria Anikanova. On her account dozens of roles in the cinema and on the stage. Do you know the biography and personal life of this artist? All information about it is contained in the article.

Maria Anikanova

Biography: family

Maria Anikanova was born on June 20, 1973. She is a native Muscovite. No one in her family was an actor. Father, Viktor Ivanovich, worked as a doctor of the USSR national teams in figure skating. Now he is on a well-deserved rest. Her mother, Irina Lyulyakova, professionally engaged in figure skating. Grandfather and grandmother of our heroine (on the papa line) were also athletes. They were skaters.

Childhood and youth

In 3 years Masha was sent to a sports school. Parents wanted their daughter to become a professional figure skater. At that time the girl shared their opinion.

In 1980, Maria went to first grade. Anikanova, the youngest, made friends with the rest of the guys. Initially, teachers praised the girl for diligence and initiative. But soon they began to express displeasure to her parents about the fact that their daughter often does not come to classes. Maria practiced a lot on the ice. She was included in the junior team.

Anikanova performed in a pair with Peter Chernyshov. After his departure to the US, the tandem disintegrated. Maria decided to leave the sport. Parents discouraged her from such a step, but the girl remained adamant.

Actress Mariya Anikanova

Student years

In 1990, our heroine graduated from high school. By that time the girl had already decided on her profession. She wanted to become a famous actress. Maria Anikanova submitted documents to the VTU them. Shchukin. She managed to cope with the introductory tests. The brunette was enrolled in the acting department.

In 1995, Anikanova was awarded a diploma ofthe end of the "Pike". Almost immediately she was accepted into the troupe of the Sovremennik Theater. On the stage of this institution, she played many interesting roles. For example, in "Cherry Orchard" Maria tried on herself the image of Anna. And in the performance "Anomaly" she performed the role of Zhanna Kalmykova.

Maria Anikanova: movies

In the big movie, our heroine began to act as a student. In 1991, the first film with her participation was released. It was called "The house under the starry sky." Anikanova played the youngest daughter of Bashkirtseva - Nina.

In 1992, the audience was representedThe second picture in which Maria played. The melodrama "Tomorrow, or the Nuclear Princess" was unsuccessful. The created Anikanova image is almost not remembered by the audience.

After that, Maria did not act long. On the screens, it reappeared only in 2000. She was approved for a small role in the film "Panther". The director was pleased with the cooperation with the actress. Since 2001 the film career of M. Anikanova has gone up the hill.

Maria Anikanova Movies

It is important not the number of roles, and their quality - according to this principle, Maria Anikanova works. The films in which she was shot differ in the original story and carry a certain semantic load.

Let's list her most vivid and memorable roles:

  • "Lily of the Valley Silver-2" (2004) - Lyudmila.
  • "Hunting for wapiti" (2005) - Vera.
  • "Two Fates-2" (2005) - Svetlana Yusupova.
  • "Hot Ice" (2008) - a figure skater.
  • "Another Chance" (2009) - Polina Cherkasova.
  • "Dolls" (2012) - Margarita.
  • "Nyuhach" (2013) - Julia.
  • "The Line of Martha" (2014) - Olga.

Maria Anikanova: personal life

The first spouse of the actress was the figure skater EugenePlatonov. They met in training. At that time, Mary was about 14 years old. The brunette at first sight fell in love with an athletic young man. But he did not notice the timid girl. At 18, Mary blossomed and became prettier. Eugene looked at her differently. He began to look after her. Soon the couple played a wedding. The 19-year-old bride glowed with happiness. The girl and could not think that their marriage with Eugene will last only 3 years. The spouses officially divorced, keeping friendly relations.

The second time, Maria Anikanova marriedOlympic champion Ilya Kulik. For his sake, the actress quit her job in the theater. The couple left for the USA. The main earner in the family was Ilya. And Maria was a housewife. Soon she was bored with sitting at home and doing cleaning and cooking. The girl told her lover about her departure. Ilya Kulik did not hold it.

Maria Anikanova personal life

Currently Maria is married to an actorRAMTS by Andrey Sipin. At one time they were introduced by a mutual friend - Pyotr Krasilov. He was the guest of honor at the wedding. In 2010, the actress gave birth to the first child - a charming daughter. Baby received a beautiful and rare name - Aglaya.


Biography, career and personal life of actress MariaAnikanova were examined in detail. Before us is an industrious and purposeful person, a fully developed personality. We wish this wonderful actress creative success and quiet family happiness!

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