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Graffiti is one of the most discussed topics in thelarge cities. Someone welcomes this phenomenon, but someone opposes it. It is clear that not everyone likes buildings decorated with drawings. Do they spoil the face of the city? This question is rather controversial. The answer to it depends on the quality of the creation itself and on the place where it was applied.

graffiti in pencil

By the way, such creativity can be expensiveauthors who violate domestic legislation. But in this article, we'll talk about graffiti in pencil on paper, and not about creativity on the facades. This will allow you not only learn how to draw graffiti, but also develop your other creative talents.

How to draw graffiti in pencil?

It is necessary to begin with observation. You can probably see graffiti anywhere near you. This allows you to carefully consider such a drawing near. If you are lucky, you will come across graffiti, which made a real professional. In the eyes immediately rush a bright color scheme of the picture and non-standard images that the real master embodied. Otherwise, you will meet with the creations of novice artists who really only spoil the look of the buildings. To study, of course, follows the creation of professionals. There are many interesting graffiti samples on the World Wide Web.

graffiti on paper with a pencil

Having become acquainted with what the real graffiti looks like, you can start selecting materials for drawing graffiti on paper with a pencil. In particular, you will need paper, pencils, markers, eraser.

Before doing bulk graffiti, try your hand at drawing in two-dimensional. In the future, the accumulated experience will allow you to make your new creations voluminous.

Starting to draw graffiti with a pencil stands withinscriptions. One of the most important elements of graffiti is short texts. But people who are far from this art, can hardly understand that in strange forms, letters are hidden. Usually, when they are displayed on paper, the so-called bubble style ("Bubble") is used. This allows you to make letters on paper visually voluminous. Another option is to draw modified letters, supplemented with fantasy detailing.

You can choose absolutely any word for yourfirst experiments, for example, start with your own name. Having made it in the technique of graffiti with a pencil, you will get your own artistic signature. However, you can subscribe in Russian, English, French or even Arabic. Another option is to take a foreign word for graffiti in pencil and write it in Russian letters. It will look very original. The main thing in this business is to include imagination. So you will have your own author's style.

how to draw a graffiti in pencil

Think about what it will be like. To do this, you can use Word or graphics editors, experimenting with color, slopes, underscores and other features. Your first graffiti with a pencil should be beautiful and bright. After the style of writing is thought out, you can take up a pencil.

Now you can play with the power of pressing a pencil, with the depth and completeness of your signature. Amazing effects in graffiti in pencil can be created by applying hatching and a variety of shadows.

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