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Not so long ago the Russian show business was lit up by a newstar, and fans of the group "VIA Gra" are interested in all the details of her personal and creative life, and especially - the biography. Erica Herceg was born between Ukraine and Hungary in a literal sense. Not far from her village lies the border between the two countries. Erica differs in appearance of uncommon beauty, and the seductive Hungarian accent of the girl gives her singing an incredible flavor.

biography of Erika Herceg

Childhood and youth of the singer

Erica was born near the Ukrainian-Hungarianborders, this fact explains both the unusual appearance of the girl, and her specific accent. In fact, the Russian language is not native for the singer, because in school and in the family she always spoke Hungarian and Ukrainian. Solo career of the girl started early enough, as evidenced by her biography. Erika Herceg sang in the church choir for several years, where she had an excellent opportunity to improve her vocal skills.

After graduation from the Ukrainian school girlentered the Hungarian Institute, where she devoted herself to studying economics and management. Because of the difficult financial situation in the family after receiving a bachelor's degree, Erika refused to continue her studies, deciding to seriously take care of herself and her life. Because of the heavy schedule and the need to work as a waitress in parallel with studying in her young years, Erica looked fat and insecure in herself a girl. Realizing that this can not be tolerated further, she decided to change her life.

Change for the better

First of all, Erika was unhappy with her weight,which was 80 kg and was the main cause of the singer's complexes. With the help of a strict diet and constant sports activities, the singer managed to lose 30 kg in just 8 months! It is difficult to imagine, with what difficulties on its way to glory faced Erica Herceg. Growth, the weight of the singer for today make 187 sm and 48 kg. Bringing the exterior to perfection, Erica began to build a career.

erica Herceg height growth

For the first time the girl tried herself in the modelbusiness, advertising underwear and jewelry. When the model career went uphill, Erika moved to Kiev in search of more profitable and prestigious contracts. At this stage, there were many rumors about the girl's private life, which her biography hides. Erika Herceg became quite popular among men, and in Kiev she had a violent romance with a famous businessman who helped her survive in the big city. Unfortunately, because of the busy schedule, lovers decided to part ways.

Career Erika to "VIA Gry"

Misha novels by Erika Herceg

So, when the girl's career gained stability,Erica decided on a plastic surgery, as she had long wanted to enlarge her breasts. In 2011, she finally saved up enough money and realized her dream. The results did not take long, and in 2012 Erika signs a major contract with a French firm to advertise expensive underwear. Then follows the shooting in the magazine Playboy, after which the girl becomes even more famous. This shooting was a cherished dream, which for a long time cherished in the heart of Eric Herceg. Growth, the weight of the girl by that time found the perfect balance, so Playboy magazine invited Eric to the second photo shoot a year after the first shootings.

Success in the show "I want to VIA Gru!"

In 2013, Erika decided to try herself inmusic and boldly went to the casting for Konstantin Meladze, where she showed herself as a charming, bright and courageous candidate. The jury immediately paid attention to the girl, letting her into the show. The program has become, perhaps, the most important and bright stage, which illuminates her biography. Erika Herceg teamed up with two other talented candidates (Anastasia Kozhevnikova and Misha Romanova). Together they developed as singers and as actresses, each week showing the jury an unrivaled number.

Once because of her willfulness, the girl almostleft the project, but one of the previous participants of "VIA Gry" persuaded Konstantin Meladze to give the group her upbringing. Under her leadership, the team brilliantly reached the finals and won the project, becoming a professional pop group.

how old is erike herceg

Personal life of Erica

After a huge furore, which produced the showKonstantin Meladze, the new composition of the legendary group "VIA Gra" was under close scrutiny of the press and fans of the group. Especially the public was worried about the question of how many years Erika Herceg, is she going to get married and what happens in her personal life. What is characteristic of young stars who are not accustomed to so obvious interference in their lives, all three girls tried to carefully hide their relationship with the opposite sex.

The network began to spread information about how,that Erica, who is now 25, allegedly is in a relationship with a Hungarian businessman, but the girl herself denied this information and immediately stated that her heart was not free - she had an affair with one of the Russian businessmen.

All three girls are close to the theme of love and relationships,that reflect the songs written for them. Misha Romanova, Erika Herceg and Nastya Kozhevnikova recently released an incredibly beautiful single entitled "It was perfect." The talent of girls and Konstantin Meladze will bring to the audience many more beautiful songs.

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