Evgenia Loza: filmography and personal life

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Evgeniya Loza is one of the most popular young actresses of our country. Every year, it increasingly appears on the screens, delighting its fans with new roles.


Eugenia Loza was born on July 6, 1984. Her native country is Ukraine, the future actress was born in the Lugansk region. Her family was far from the world of art. Parents were civil engineers.

Evgenia Loza's private life
When Eugene was fifteen years old, her parentsdecided to move. Moscow was chosen, a city of possibilities. Parents hoped that Eugene will continue the dynasty and go to one of Moscow's universities to get a job as an engineer. But the girl decided to act in her own way, she entered the theater institute.

Eugene did not have time to finish her studies, as she had already started acting and working in the theater. Because of the busy schedule, she had to leave the Moscow Art Theater School.

Carier start

The first work before the camera did not take muchtime. Eugene, along with the director and art director of the theater, recorded a video for the song "Adrenaline". This composition was not the last. Then Eugene still recorded a few songs. But she did not become famous performer. Few people know her songs, but many saw her work in the movies.

Always dreamed of acting in the movies of Eugene Loose. The filmography of the actress began to replenish in 2000. Then she took part in the filming of the series "March of the Turkish" and appeared on the screen with the already famous actors. Although the role was small, the young actress acquired the first experience.

Eugenia Loza. Filmography

The way to glory was long and thorny. For a long time I had to wait for a worthy role in which I could show my abilities. It was six years before Evgeny Loza played a big role. The filmography of the actress was replenished with the screen version of the novel by Y. Lermontov "The Hero of Our Time". Evgenia got the role of the refined, charming Princess Mary. This role drew the attention of filmmakers to a young actress.

eugene vine filmography

But between these two projects Eugene alsoworked hard. But only her role was episodic. After the release of "Hero of Our Time", Evgeny Loza became famous. The filmography of the actress actively began to be replenished with various television series and television films. She was invited to both Russian and Ukrainian projects.

Yevgenia does not have a single free minute. It is actively withdrawn, every year with it comes a large number of new projects. Now more and more famous is the actress Yevgenia Loza. Filmography includes the series "Closed School", "Fate mysterious tomorrow", "My dear daughter" and many others.

This year is no exception. Soon new projects of the young actress will appear on the screens. Evgenia Loza has already told about them. The films "Where You Are" and "False Witness-2" will soon please fans of the actress.

And now viewers can enjoy the series"Moths," which recently appeared on television. Very interesting role played Loza Yevgenia Fedorovna. Filmography of her replenished with a series about the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Actress got a variety of roles. She played and pay-girls, and girls of easy virtue. She was good at playing the first love, and disappointment, and the pain of betrayal. For her work Eugene was noted by critics. And also shooting in serials and films brought Eugene the love of the public. Now the girl has a lot of fans in different cities of Russia and beyond. The actress tries to communicate with admirers of her talent, listen to their thoughts and impressions of her work.

Work in the theater

Eugenia Loza not only actively acts in films,but also works in the theater. Nowadays it's impossible to see it on stage, because shooting is taken all the time. But at the dawn of her career, the girl participated in the productions.

Loza Yevgenia Fyodorovna

Her friend, with whom several clips were shot,director Vladimir Nazarov, staged a performance based on several plays by Vasily Sigarev. The work was called "Lie detector". Then the almost unknown actress Loza got the main role, she played Olga. Acquired experience the girl used while working on films and serials.

One day the actress said that she would like to againreturn to the stage of the theater and try yourself in a new role. Scaffolding and working with the audience liked and remembered her. Therefore, as soon as there is free time, she will try to find the role that will capture her.

Personal life

Many popular actors and singers try to hidefrom the public his private life. Eugene Loose was no exception. The personal life of the actress is a secret, but sometimes she is ready to share news with journalists.

actress Yevgenia Loza

So, Evgenia said that sometimes the richfans do not stint on expensive gifts. From one of the admirers of her talent, the girl got a car, another took out a star from the sky, or rather gave one of them, named after the actress. But all these gifts are in the past, because now Eugenia believes that she has no right to accept them.

At the moment Vine is not free. Not so long ago the press became aware that the actress had married. Her chosen one was someone named Marat. From him, Eugenia has a child. About her family, the actress tries not to spread. According to Eugenia Loza, personal life should not be in public view. Instead of details about her husband or child, Eugene is very enthusiastic about his new work, which he also considers his children.

Height and weight

For many fans, the charming actress became a model of beauty. It is tall, fragile and refined. It is no coincidence that out of hundreds of applicants she was chosen for the role of Princess Mary.

Eugenia Loza films

The actress has almost model parameters. It is tall, 173 cm. But it is slim and weighs only 51 kg. In the interview, Eugene tells that she does not have special secrets of beauty. Work and caring for the family take away her strength, so she does not have time to relax. It is these two items the girl considers the secret of her good figure.

More and more popular is Evgeniya Loza. The filmography of the actress has more than five dozen roles in various films and serials. Despite the fact that the actress is only 30 years old, she managed to appear in different roles. But it remains unchanged that she is loved by her fans and is of great interest to the public. She predicts a high profile career and even more interesting roles.

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