How to draw a person in pencil: tips for beginners

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how to draw a person
To begin with, you must be able to drawanything. To the image of a person should be started only after mastering the skills of elementary graphic constructions. Thinking about how to draw a person, people often work for years and decades to achieve a good result. They study in academies of arts, draw plaster and nature, work hard with a pencil in hands for many hours a day. But if there is a desire to take the first step in this direction, then ...
how to draw a man in pencil

let's try

The first point of the answer to the question of howdraw a person, there will be a correct layout of the picture. The figure of a person should be correctly placed on a sheet of paper. To do this, you should imagine its outlines, highlight the compositional center and mark it on a sheet of paper with a few light strokes. Further we proceed to the most complicated part of the problem. We perform a step-by-step construction of the figure. From how we cope with this task, and depends on the answer to the question of how to draw a person. Academically, it is impossible to build a figure of a person without knowledge in the field of linear perspective and plastic anatomy. But we do only some rough sketch. Therefore, we denote all forms approximately and generalized. We outline the basic proportions of the parts of the figure - the body, limbs and head. At this stage it is important not to make a mistake about the different parts to the total value. Thoroughly, we verify and correct the detected errors. Do not forget about the balance of the figure, it should look convincing and firmly standing on its feet. This is simply checked - a vertical plumb line from the subclavian cavity at the base of the neck should come to the plane inside the space between the feet of the figure. When this condition is met, the figure will stand firmly on its feet. At the next stage, we study the details and elements of the figure. We work through the form of chiaroscuro. Reflecting on how to draw a person in pencil, do not forget about the graphic expressive possibilities of our instrument.

how to learn to draw a man in pencil
The volume and construction of the figure are depictedby means of pencil hatching. It all depends on the direction of the stroke, and on the force of pressure. While studying the details, one should not get carried away with trivialities. It is important to stop in time. At the final stage, we generalize the drawing in broad strokes.

Well, almost and ready

We analyze the result of our work. How much it corresponds to the task in the plan, how to draw a person. Do not get upset if the first result seems pretty miserable. The task was rather complicated, and it is not always possible to solve it from the first attempt. But if we are seriously interested in how to learn how to draw a person in pencil, then we have a lot of work ahead of us. This is the only way to achieve something in this direction. You need to consistently set yourself graphic tasks in terms of the degree of their smooth complication. We need to study anatomy and linear perspective. Draw gypsums and full sets. Long drawings should be alternated with short sketches.

Success in this business depends on the desire to achieve it. Draw a lot, at least a few sketches a day. And the result will be, it is checked.

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