The film "14+ The history of the first love": actors, plot, reviews

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In the seventies, dramaticthe Swedish love story. The film was widely known not only in Sweden, but also abroad. It tells about love between two teenagers, a modern version of the history of all the famous Shakespearean heroes. Andrei Zaitsev was inspired by the work of the Swedish director and filmed the film "14+ The History of First Love." He was looking for actors among students of theater universities. Zaitsev went along a rather original path. About the plot and the actors of the film "14+ The History of the First Love" is told in this article.

Main roles

actors of the film 14 story of the first love

The complex relationship between adolescents andadults, sincere feelings that only children and children can experience - everything is told in the film "14+ The Story of the First Love." The actors who have the main roles are not professionals. The director of the film found them in Vkontakte, having previewed over a thousand candidates. As a result, the main roles were approved by Ulyana Vaskovich and Gleb Kalyuzhny.

What can you tell us about the actors of the movie "14+ The Story of the First Love"? They played convincingly. Perhaps, it was because they were accidentally on the set.

Ulyana Vaskova

14 story of the first love of the actors and roles photo

Actress starring in the movie "14+The story of the first love "film career plans to continue.On the end of the school, Ulyana is going to enter a theatrical high school.The young actress was born in Moscow, in 1998. She visited the theatrical circle for several years.

Gleb Kalyuzhny

Thanks to his role in "14+ Stories of First Love", the actor(photo Gleb can be seen in the article) has acquired a large number of fans. After the end of the ninth grade, he entered the technical school. But Gleb discovered creative inclinations even in his early childhood. At school he was engaged in music, he even wrote songs. Kalyuzhny plans to continue his education in one of the capital's theater universities.

Other actors of the film "14+ The History of the First Love": O. Ozolapinya, D. Blokhin, IF, V. Goryachkin, S. Berkeshi, D. Pikula, D. Barinov, K. Pakhomova.


In the center of the plot are the relationship between the twolovers who hardly turned 14 years old. The first teenage love is always a great event for young people. It's great when it is approved by others. However, this film shows the history of the modern heroes of Shakespeare's drama, where the main characters live in social networks, and since childhood they have absorbed the cruel rules and laws of streets that they do not want to follow. Together they have to go through many trials.

Their schools have been at war with each other for many years,this love is in some way a betrayal. Parents are not ready to accept the fact that their children are rapidly growing up and are persons capable of conscious and independent choice. In addition to external factors, young lovers are hampered by their own fears and complexes, the difficulty of making the first step and uncertainty about the feelings of the other. Teenagers are sure that it is only necessary to reveal how they will be alienated.

Negative circumstances can easilyto destroy love, but what if it is stronger than all this? Guys should endure many tests of strength for the sake of their union, future and the right to be what they want. Two young people are ready to go to the end and it does not matter what awaits them in the end. Against the backdrop of the sleeping area of ​​the big city, a drama unfolds in which adolescents can easily lose themselves or find what they most desire ...

14 story first love reviews

"14+ The history of the first love": reviews

At many this film has caused nostalgia.That's not me feedback on the film Zaytseva mixed. Some viewers, for example, celebrate the unprofessional play of actors. Still, the film, dedicated to pure teenage love reviews in more positive than negative. And this film is praised not only by ordinary spectators, but also by well-known figures of cinema. N. Mikhalkov called it one of the best films of two thousand.

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